What is Joinkeys?

What is Joinkeys?

To perform operations on records in different flat files, JOINKEYS are used. The SORTJNF1 and SORTJNF2, are the DD statements used to specify the files which will be use to perform join operation. Control Statements : JOINKEYS FILES=F1, FIELDS=(1, 10, A) – Specifies the file1 join criteria.

How do I copy duplicate records in JCL SORT?

Where XSUM means the dropped records are written in the dataset specified by SORTXSUM data set. SORTXSUM: Output file for a SORT or MERGE function. The records eliminated by SUM processing are written to the SORTXSUM DD….

Summary Field Formats Length Description
ZD 1 to 31 bytes Signed zoned decimal

How check if file is empty in JCL?

Empty File check using – ICETOOL You can use ICETOOL’s COUNT operator to set a return code of 12, 8, or 4 if a specified data set is EMPTY, NOTEMPTY, HIGHER(n), LOWER(n), EQUAL(n), or NOTEQUAL(n), where n is a specified number of records (for example, 5000). If RC4 operand is specified, ICETOOL sets RC=4.

How do I sort duplicate records?


  1. Sort a particular field or position in ascending or descending order.
  2. Removing the duplicate records from the file.
  3. To find a bad record from the list of records.
  4. Copy the input file by including or excluding a few/some records.
  5. Merging the fields from the input.

How can we arrange duplicate records in a file?

If the FCFO keyword is specified, records with duplicate key values are retrieved in FCFO order by the physical sequence of the keys. No specific order for duplicate key fields (the default)….Arranging duplicate keys.

Order records were added to file Key value
3 C
4 C
5 D

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