What is Hokkien handsome?

What is Hokkien handsome?

“Handsome” in Taiwanese Hokkien is pronounced as “en dao”, literally transcribed as “緣投”. “

How do you say handsome man in Cantonese?


  1. (chiefly Cantonese) good-looking boy; handsome man (Classifier: 個/个)
  2. (Cantonese, slang) plain steamed rice (Classifier: 個/个; 碗)
  3. (Cantonese, slang) good traffic.

How do you reply to Ni hao ma?

Simple Responses in Chinese Friend: Ni hao ma? (how are you?) You: Wo hen hao! Xie xie. Ni ne? (I am very good, thanks.

What is good morning in Taiwan?

Good morning = tzau an 早安 Good afternoon = wu an 午安 Good evening = wan shang hau 晚上好

How do you say hello in Taiwanese?

See the Taiwanese language page for more details….Useful Taiwanese phrases.

English 台語/ Tâi-gí (Taiwanese)
Hello (General greeting) 你好 (lí-hó) – sg 恁好(lín-hó) – pl
Hello (on phone) 喂(ôe)

What is wife in Hokkien?

mōe, bē 小妹 sió-mōe, sió-bē sister. wife.

How do you say hi in Hokkien?

你好 means “hello”; 你好吗 means “how are you”. Within the context of Singapore, you may also hear the word 你(li) being pronounced as 汝(lu).

How do you say yes and no in Cantonese?

Cantonese, as in Chinese, does not have words for “yes” and “no” as such; instead, questions are typically answered by repeating the verb. Common ones include: Is or is not. 係haih, 唔係mh’haih.

What is Leng Lui?

Leng Lui meaning: In Cantonese it’s written as 靚女 which means pretty (girl).

How do you say like in Hokkien?

“Suka” means “like” in Malay. So in Hokkien, we say it in the exact sound too – 舒合. In terms of the written characters, we pick words with similar meanings.

Is there a word for yes in Chinese?

对 (duì) 对 (duì), which means “right” or “correct,” is another common way to say “yes” in Chinese. It’s very similar to 是 (shì), and in many cases the two can be used interchangeably.

How do you say beautiful in Cantonese?


  1. (chiefly Cantonese) beautiful woman or girl; beauty; lovely lady (Classifier: 個/个; 位)
  2. (Cantonese) Informal term of address to an adult woman. 靚女,畀碟豉油我吖,唔該! [Cantonese, trad.] 靓女,畀碟豉油我吖,唔该! [Cantonese, simp.] leng3 neoi5-2, bei2 dip6 si6 jau4 ngo5 aa1, m4 goi1! [ Jyutping]
  3. (Cantonese, slang, in restaurants) plain congee.

How do you say Girl in Hokkien?

char bor / zha bo – (From Hokkien/Teochew 查某 cha-bó) Girl/Woman.

How do you say hello in Cantonese?

哈囉 is “hello” with a Cantonese pronunciation. We use it to greet people casually, just like you would use “hi” in English. If someone says 哈囉, you can reply by repeating 哈囉. Even though 哈囉 and 你好 are essentially the same, it’s possible to use them together.

How do you say sorry in Hokkien?

In Hokkien, we express sorry as 对唔住.

Is there a word for no in Chinese?

1. 不 (bù) is more closely translated to “not,” and is often paired with a verb to create the antonym. 2. 不是 (bù shì) is defined as “to not be,” and when used as an answer, either 是 (shì) or 不是 (bù shì), you’re really saying, “It is/I am,” or, “It is not/I am not.”

How do you say cute in Cantonese?

可愛 (ho2 oi3 | ke3 ai4) : cute – CantoDict.

What is the language of Taiwan?

Mandarin Chinese

What is boy in Cantonese?

男仔 (naam4 zai2 | ) : boy – CantoDict.

What does Liao mean in Chinese?

The ‘Liao’ slang translates directly to ‘already’, and is used as an emphasis for the verb before it. The slang is also used with different variations of verbs and can simplify long sentences like ‘I have already eaten’ to ‘Eat Liao’.

How do you say beautiful in Taiwanese?

Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge is a beautiful place. There are other ways of saying “beautiful” in Mandarin, and perhaps one of the most common ones that students encounter early on is 美 (měi) which also means “beautiful” and can be used on its own or in the common word 美丽/美麗.

How do you answer yes or no question in Chinese?

Now, how do you go about answering these questions if there’s no Chinese word for “yes” or “no”?…To answer affirmatively, you simply repeat the verb:

  • Yes (am). 是 shì
  • Yes (has). 有 yǒu.
  • Yes (want) 要 yào.
  • No (am not) 不是 bù shì
  • No (doesn’t have) 没有 méi yǒu.
  • No (don’t want) 不要 bù yào.

What is I love you in Cantonese?

Podcast Transcript | Cantonese: How Do You Say “I Love You” You’ll often hear Mandarin speakers saying “I love you” as 我爱你. In Cantonese, it is pronounced as 我愛你.

How do you reply to Xie Xie?

Think about Mandarin, where the response to “xie xie” is often “bu yong xie” (literally, no need to thank) or “bu ke qi” (it is nothing – IF I understand them correctly).

What is I love you in Taiwan?

I love you in many languages

Language I love you
Chinese (Mandarin) 我愛你 [我爱你] (wǒ ài nǐ)
Chinese (Shanghainese) 侬爱你 (ngu eh nóng) 吾老欢喜侬额 (Ngu long hushin long lah)
Chinese (Taiwanese) 我愛你 (góa ài lì)
Choctaw Chi hollo li

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