What is HK the abbreviation for?

What is HK the abbreviation for?

Hong Kong
HK is a common abbreviation for Hong Kong, a former British crown colony and current special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.

What does CFA mean football?

The College Football Association (CFA) was a group formed by many of the American colleges with top-level college football programs in order to negotiate contracts with TV networks to televise football games.

What is the full meaning of FIFA in Nigeria?

Its full title is Federation Internationale de Football Association. What is the full meaning of FIFA? Firstly, this is an international organization. Secondly, it has the power to govern football and related sports (including beach soccer and association football aka futsal).

What is the abbreviation of English?

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What does FAQ stand for?

frequently asked questions
frequently asked question, frequently asked questions —used to refer to a list of answers to typical questions that users of a Web site might ask.

What’s the meaning of HK in Yahoo?

Related Definitions Yahoo! HK means Yahoo! Hong Kong Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong corporation.

What is the abbreviation for FIFA?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association
n acronym for. Fédération Internationale de Football Association: the international governing body of association football.

How do you abbreviate management?

A variety of abbreviations are short for management, including: Mgmt. The most commonly used abbreviation is mgmt. Normally, this is the preferred abbreviation for shorthand notes.

What does ETA stand for?

Estimated time of arrival
Estimated time of arrival/Full name

What does DOS stand for?

Disk Operating System
DOS stands for Disk Operating System and is the computer program no personal computer can do without. It exists in two forms. The one supplied for IBM Personal Computers is known as PC-DOS.

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