What is Hcpcs code A4358?

What is Hcpcs code A4358?

HCPCS Code Details – A4358

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HCPCS Code A4358
Description Long description: Urinary drainage bag, leg or abdomen, vinyl, with or without tube, with straps, each Short description: Urinary leg or abdomen bag
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What is CPT code A4335?

HCPCS code A4335 for Incontinence supply; miscellaneous as maintained by CMS falls under Incontinence Devices and Supplies .

What is the code range for a latex urinary leg bag sent home with the patient?

A5112 Urinary drainage bag, leg or abdomen, latex, with or without tube, with straps, each.

What is the purpose of a leg bag?

A urinary leg bag holds urine that drains from your catheter. It fits under your clothes and allows you to do your normal daily activities.

Is a4335 covered by Medicare?

For each episode of covered catheterization, Medicare will cover: One catheter (A4351, A4352) and an individual packet of lubricant (A4332); or. One sterile intermittent catheter kit (A4353) if additional coverage criteria (see below) are met.

How many leg bags Does Medicare allow each month?

For all catheters, but especially for indwelling and external catheter use, Medicare will provide two urinary drainage bags that can be used. These bags can be easily emptied and rinsed out if needed, so two per month should provide more than enough.

Does Medicare cover catheter changes?

Yes! Medicare covers catheter supplies when medically necessary. Medicare will cover up to 200 straight uncoated catheters and sterile catheter lubrication packets per month (every 30 days), depending on the prescription.

How often should Leg bags be changed?

Leg bags and valves should be changed every 7 days. The bag can be attached to your right or left leg, depending on which side is most comfortable for you. At night, you’ll need to attach a larger bag. Your night bag should either be attached to your leg bag or to the catheter valve.

What is the disadvantage of a leg bag?

Essentially, the bladder is like a muscle and it will eventually waste away if not used regularly. It has been demonstrated that after only 6 months on free-flow drainage using a leg bag, the bladder shrinks and ceases to function properly [4].

Does Medicare cover A4352?

What is included in A4353?

A urinary intermittent catheter with insertion supplies (A4353) is a kit, which includes a catheter, lubricant, gloves, antiseptic solution, applicators, drape and a tray or bag in a sterile package intended for single use.

Is pure Wick covered by Medicare?

Is the PureWick™ System covered by Medicare? The PureWick™ Urine Collection System and its accessories are not currently eligible for Medicare reimbursement. It includes the PureWick™ Female External Catheter and the PureWick™ Urine Collection System.

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