What is happening with Qantas Frequent Flyer points?

What is happening with Qantas Frequent Flyer points?

Qantas frequent flyers will be able to retain their current Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum One status for yet another year – through to as far as mid-2023 – as the airline rolls out its fourth status extension since the Covid pandemic struck in March 2020.

What are the new changes to Qantas Frequent Flyer?

Qantas has slashed the number of frequent flyer points needed to book flights, hotels and holidays. Travellers now need 30 per cent fewer points when booking domestic and international hotel stays and 45 per cent fewer points to book Qantas Holidays packages.

Do I lose my Qantas points expire?

Qantas points expire after 18 months of inactivity. That means, so long as you’ve registered some activity in the last 18 months, your Qantas points are protected from expiry. The clock starts ticking from the date of your last activity until it is reset by subsequent activity.

What happens to Qantas status credits at the end of the year?

Yes, they do. For Qantas, Status Credits will reset every membership year, regardless of when it was earned. For Velocity, Status Credits will expire 12 months after they were earned.

Can you buy Qantas status points?

A: While you can buy Qantas frequent flyer points directly from Qantas itself, you can’t purchase status credits. So no matter how you earn those points – by flying with Qantas or partner airlines, though your credit cards or shopping with Qantas partners – in the end they make money for Qantas.

What is the dollar value of Qantas points?

It depends entirely on how you ‘spend’ those hard-earned points. Make a business class reward booking or upgrade on a domestic flight and your points are worth anywhere between 2.14 and 8.48 cents each. Go shopping at the Qantas Store and the value of your points plummets to around half a cent each.

How do I keep Frequent Flyer miles from expiring?

Eight Simple Ways to Prevent Your Miles from Expiring

  1. What is Account Activity?
  2. Use an Airline Credit Card.
  3. Purchase Something Online.
  4. Buy a Magazine or Newspaper Subscription.
  5. Use Your Miles to Book an Award.
  6. Travel with Airline and Hotel Partners.
  7. Research Past Trips.
  8. Buy Miles.

Does Qantas Frequent Flyer have an annual fee?

Enjoy $0 annual Card fee, ongoing. With the Qantas American Express Discovery Card, earn Qantas Points on purchases and unlock American Express Card Member benefits.

Can you earn Qantas status credits without flying?

The main way to earn Status Credits (SCs) is by flying with an airline and its partners on a paid fare. Reward seat bookings typically don’t earn Status Credits for both airlines. The only exception is members of the Qantas Points Club tiers, who earn a small amount of SCs on Qantas-operated reward seat bookings.

How do I keep Qantas Silver status?

What are the requirements for Qantas Silver status?

  1. As mentioned above you need to earn 300 status credits in a membership year.
  2. Take at least four flights with Qantas, QantasLink or Jetstar during your membership year.
  3. Retain at least 250 status credits by the end of the membership year.

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