What is Hadang Festival?

What is Hadang Festival?

Sarakiki-Hadang Festival is celebrated in Calbayog City, Western Samar during the primary seven day stretch of September. It is featured with an introduction of road artists dressed like chickens and doing their chicken’s romance movements. They offer local chicken as penances to adore the spirits.

What is the meaning of Sarakiki?

Sarakiki is a local term apparently referring to premeditated or frenzied movements which means to allure, to draw with, to attract or exercise attraction, to entice, or to win. By its pre-colonial denotation, it means to praise, extol, or eulogize spirits of gods.

What makes Sarakiki unique?

Held during the first week of September, this vibrant festival has its roots in the local term sarakiki. It’s best described as the frenzied movements of a rooster as it tries to court a hen or challenge another rooster to a fight.

What is Western Samar festival?

In the city of Calbayog and some towns in Samar celebrate its festival aside from its town fiesta every year….

City / Municipality Festival Fiesta
1. Almagro May 5
2. Basey Banigan-Kawayan September 29
3. Calbayog City Sarakiki, Charter Day Foundation September 8 / October 16

What is hadhadang Festival?

Hadang on the other hand is an olden day ritual done by locals as a tribute to the gods. Dancing is a prominent part of the festival, with feature presentations filled with color, music, and a whole lot of dancing. This year’s festival features a Hiphop Dance competition and an Acrobatic show on September 3 and 7 respectively.

What is the sarakiki-Hadang Festival of Calbayog City?

During the 1st Grand National Street Dance Competition–Aliwan Fiesta on May 1–3, 2003, participated by 26 famous festivals in the country, the Sarakiki-Hadang Festival of Calbayog City won the 3rd prize. The Sarakiki-Hadang Festival is celebrated in Calbayog City every year from September 1-8 under the auspices of the City Arts And Culture Office.

What is the meaning of the word Hadang?

By its pre-colonial denotation, it means to praise, extol or eulogize spirits of gods. The word does not only ascribe to the ritual or hadang as an activity to gratify the gods, but likewise hadang as the offering or the sacrifice.

What is ‘Calbayog City festivals?

‘’Calbayog City Festivals: An oral History’’ is a study that manifests how local festivals contributes to the individualities of a certain person. It also focuses on how people here in Calbayog value the said festivals. This journey will embody the true essence of studying local festivals.

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