What is Femorotibial osteoarthritis?

What is Femorotibial osteoarthritis?

Medial femorotibial osteoarthritis (MFTO) is characterised by progressive deterioration resulting, in 6 out of 10 cases, in an inability to walk after 10 to 15 years.

What is lateral compartment osteoarthritis?

Patients with lateral compartment arthritis of the knee joint typically have pain and grinding that are localized to the lateral aspect of the knee. Patellofemoral symptoms may or may not be present, depending on the degree of degenerative change at this articulation.

What is medial Femorotibial compartment?

The medial compartment of the knee includes everything within the inner half of the joint and is located where the tibia (shinbone) and femur (thigh bone) meet. The rounded end of the femur bone (medial femoral condyle) sits on a flattened area of the tibia bone called the medial tibial plateau.

What is Femorotibial?

[ fĕm′ə-rō-tĭb′ē-əl ] adj. Relating to the femur and the tibia.

What is the lateral compartment?

The lateral compartment of the leg, also known as the peroneal compartment, is one of the four compartments in the leg between the knee and foot. Muscles within this compartment primarily produce ankle and foot eversion.

What is the treatment for Tricompartmental osteoarthritis?

Treatment of Tricompartmental Osteoarthritis Knee brace. Physical therapy. Ice and heat therapy. Injections of hyaluronic acid into your knee (viscosupplementation)

Why is medial compartment osteoarthritis more common?

Overall tibiofemoral knee OA is more commonly seen in the medial than lateral compartment, possibly because of heavier loading in the former (6).

Is osteoarthritis considered a disability?

Because of the severity of osteoarthritis the Social Security Administration (SSA) has determined that it is a disability, meaning you may be eligible to receive disability benefits. When submitting your application to the SSA your diagnosis and medical evidence should be in the SSA’s Blue Book listing.

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