What is EN8 grade rod?

What is EN8 grade rod?

EN8 grade is a pure, medium carbon Steel, which has extraordinary strength levels as compared to normal Bright Mild Steel, due to flask mechanical rolling. EN8 rod is also a pure medium carbon steel which is used in applications where improved properties than mild steel are obligatory but where the costs do not defend the purchase of a steel alloy.

What are the mechanical properties of EN8 steel?

Mechanical Properties of EN8 Steel Condition Yield Stress x 106 Pa Tensile Stress MPa Elongation % Normalised 280 550 16 Cold drawn (thin) 530 660 7

What is EN8 round bar?

EN8 round bar is pure medium carbon steel with decent ductile strength compared to normal mild steel. EN8 steel is appropriate for all round manufacturing applications, which require advanced strength such as manufacturing tubes, studs, bolts, linking rods, screws, rollers etc.

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