What is difference between Army and merchant navy?

What is difference between Army and merchant navy?

To sum it all Merchant navy is a purely commercial form of sea career and is governed by both private and governmental shipping companies. Defence Navy, on the other hand, refers to nations’ maritime military wing. Both merchant navy and defence have deals with ships.

Can merchant navy join Indian Navy?

Indian Naval job is more related to the defense of the country whereas Merchant Navy job is into shipment of cargo within the country or from one country to another. So by doing a Merchant Navy course you will not be eligible for the Indian Navy. You need to appear for the entrance exam conducted by SSR.

Is merchant navy part of armed forces?

The merchant navy is a term used to refer to the commercial sector of the maritime industry. The merchant navy has no involvement in military service, but rather the shipping of cargo and people across sea routes aboard cargo ships, tankers, and cruise liners.

Is merchant navy better than NDA?

If money is your first priority then go for merchant Navy, or if you are a person who wishes to serve the nation, be adventurous, respected in society and still earn a good salary then go for the NDA. In one you are serving the country and in the other you are serving for money and money alone.

What should I do after 12th in merchant navy?

After class 12, you are eligible to study the following merchant navy courses:

  • B.Sc. Nautical Science.
  • B.E. Marine Engineering.
  • B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering.
  • B.E. Petroleum Engineering.
  • B.E. Mechanical Engineering.
  • B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering.
  • B.E. Civil Engineering.
  • B.E.

Can girls join merchant navy?

Yes, girls can also join Merchant Navy. There are number of courses related to Merchant Navy which girls can do in order to get entry in Merchant Navy. To get admission in Merchant Navy you must need to qualify entrance exam known by IMU. > Candidate must pass 10 + 2 with science stream with minimum 60% marks.

Is swimming necessary for merchant navy?

No, it is not compulsory. There are no tests for determining if you know swimming. All the mandatory courses which involve getting in to a water body also involve compulsorily wearing a life jacket.

Does merchant navy get pension?

“After a meeting in New Delhi on Monday chaired by Director General of Shipping Amitabh Kumar, the government has extended the benefits of provident fund, gratuity and pension to all ranks of over four-lakh merchant navy seafarers working on both Indian and foreign flag ships,” NUSI General Secretary Abdulgani Y.

Is merchant navy a permanent job?

No, the Merchant navy is not a permanent job. Since most of the shipping companies work on a contract basis.

What is the age limit for merchant navy?

AGE: The minimum age is 17 years and the maximum is 25 years to be eligible for examinations pertaining to the merchant navy. As per the Government rules, the maximum age relaxation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes is 5 years.

Is there Gym in merchant navy ships?

Although facilities can vary from ship to ship, most of the cargo ships have facilities like home theatre with a DVD library, a gymnasium, books and magazine library, swimming pool, video games, indoor games like table tennis, football. Barbecue parties are another common recreation onboard.

Is there any difference between Indian Navy and Merchant Navy?

Both the Indian Navy as well as the Indian Merchant Navy has a crucial role in our society. While the Indian Navy focuses on the protection of the country, Merchant Navy deals with the transportation of cargo as well as passengers from one location to another.

What do I do on Merchant Navy?


  • Management,Merchant navy officers also manage the care and safety of passengers (if you’re working on a ferry/cruise ship),manage ship communication systems,maintain legal and operational records such as
  • Supervision.
  • Maintenance of equipment.
  • What does the Merchant Navy do?

    Merchant Navy, or merchant marine as they are also referred to, is the civilian line of shipping involved in transport of cargoes in bulk, containers or liquified form across various types of ships which are registered with various registries of different countries.

    What is a Navy Merchant Marine?

    A merchant navy or merchant marine is the fleet of merchant vessels that are registered in a specific country.

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