What is considered the best GTA game?

What is considered the best GTA game?

Grand Theft Auto V makes the top of the list because it is the pinnacle of the series from a design, storytelling, and technical perspective. Released in 2013, the game has stood the test of time and remains immensely popular to this day, thanks in part to its GTA Online mode.

What is the best GTA game 2020?

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  1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. GTA Vice City on Mobile.
  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. GTA San Andreas on Android.
  3. Grand Theft Auto III. Grand Theft Auto III on mobile.
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on mobile.
  5. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.
  6. Grand Theft Auto 5.

What GTA is most popular?

GTA San Andreas remains the most popular title in the franchise.

Is GTA SA the best GTA?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remains as one of Rockstar’s highest points, and easily overshadows the two other games in the GTA Trilogy. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a game that has been held on a pedestal for a long time, and is to this day still the best game in Rockstar’s 3D Universe GTA Trilogy.

Is GTA San Andreas better than GTA 5?

There is no doubt whatsoever about the technological superiority of GTA 5. For all its incredible characters and thrilling missions, GTA San Andreas, admittedly, suffered from poor graphics; whereas, GTA 5 is as robust and fleshed out as it is possible to be on screen.

Which GTA has biggest map?

GTA 5 has the biggest map in the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise. The map has a land area of 48.15 square kilometers and a water area of 27.69 square kilometers, making the total area of the map 75.84 square kilometers.

Why is GTA 5 so popular?

Consistent updates. And GTA V was so popular because it had both itself and GTAO, combining a stunning open world game from one of the most respected story telling studios in gaming with that same stunning open world for socializing.

Where is CJ GTA V?

Following Brian’s death, Carl left Los Santos and moved to Liberty City.

Why is GTA SA so popular?

While all Grand Auto theft games feature multiple crimes and heists to execute, GTA San Andreas had an abundance of missions for the player. For those who found stealing cars and flying helicopters enjoyable, the game had plenty of those too. The diversity of the game is what made it a favorite among friends.

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