What is considered low income in NH?

What is considered low income in NH?

The Census Bureau data finds an estimated 94,289 people in New Hampshire lived below the federal poverty line in 2016. The poverty threshold used by the Census Bureau for income in the twelve months preceding July 2016 is $12,391 for an individual under 65 years of age and $19,171 for a family of three with one child.

Is Keene New Hampshire a good place to live?

Keene New Hampshire is a great town with lots of fun things to do. Keene also has many local shops, as well as large businesses. There is all kinds of great restaurants in the area as well. Keene also is a great place for experiencing all four seasons.

How much do you need to make to live comfortably in New Hampshire?

According to GoBankingRates.com, in an article titled “The Salary You Need to Afford Rent in Every State,” a resident of New Hampshire would need to make approximately $69,920 per year in order to afford a single-family residence without having your monthly rent consume more than 30 percent of total income.

What is a good salary in NH?

Average Salary in New Hampshire

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $95,167 $7,930
75th Percentile $78,248 $6,520
Average $65,421 $5,451
25th Percentile $52,342 $4,361

What is the safest town in NH?

Durham’s violent crime rate of 0.65 per 1,000 is remarkable for a town that houses a large public university. The 2nd safest community in New Hampshire is Raymond, a peaceful town of 10.4K in Rockingham County….New Hampshire’s Safest Cities.

NH 1
City Durham
Population 16813
Violent crime 11
Property crime 53

What state is Keene in?

New Hampshire

Is Keene State rolling admissions?

Keene State College 2020-2021 Admissions: Acceptance Rate, Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process. With an acceptance rate of 81%, admissions at Keene State College are slightly selective. There are no fixed deadlines as admissions are granted on a rolling basis.

Is it cheaper to live in Massachusetts or NH?

Cost of living. New Hampshire is certainly more affordable compared to places like Eastern Massachusetts or Southern New York, but compared to most other places in the country you will be paying more money for housing, food, gas, and other consumer goods.

What are the 5 coldest states?

America’s top 5 coldest states

  1. North Dakota: 27.7 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  2. Wyoming: 27.9 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  3. Montana: 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  4. Minnesota: 29.6 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  5. Maine: 30.6 degrees Fahrenheit on average. The state of Maine had a statewide average of 30.6 degrees in 2019, according to data. (

What division is Keene State basketball?

Division III

What is the richest town in NH?


Is Keene State College a good school?

Keene State College’s 2021 Rankings Keene State College is ranked #9 in Regional Colleges North. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

What is the cheapest city to live in New Hampshire?

The Most Affordable Places To Live In New Hampshire

Rank City Population
1 Somersworth 11,925
2 Newport 5,240
3 Franklin 8,623
4 Rochester 30,955

What is Keene NH known for?

Keene is home to Keene State College and Antioch University New England. It hosted the state’s annual pumpkin festival from 1991 to 2014, several times setting a world record for most jack-o’-lanterns on display.

Is Plymouth State a party school?

Plymouth State is also known as Party State to some. We go harder then anyone else in New Hampshire, and anyone in New England.” Testimonial #2: “Playboy called PSU ‘Chock full of phys-ed majors and future nail pounders’ in its very first party school issue.

What town in NH has the lowest property taxes?

Belknap County, which runs along the western shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, has among the lowest property tax rates in New Hampshire. In Laconia, the largest city in the county, the mill rate is 20.85 mills.

What college is in Keene NH?

Keene State College

When was Keene State College founded?


Is Keene NH a safe place to live?

It is a place with an interesting mix of Free Staters, tree-huggers, rednecks, typical small town folk, families, etc. Keene is pretty safe. The downtown is charming and its full of allot of cool restaurants and cafe’s.

What is the prettiest town in New Hampshire?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in New Hampshire, USA

  • Exeter. Founded in 1638 by Reverend John Wheelwright, Exeter is a New England town brimming with charm at every turn.
  • Hanover.
  • Harrisville.
  • Jackson.
  • Keene.
  • Littleton.
  • Meredith.
  • Peterborough.

What is the coldest month in NH?


Is it expensive to live in NH?

New Hampshire has a cost of living that ranks slightly higher than the national average. However, compared to larger metro areas like Boston or New York, New Hampshire is relatively affordable. Most online cost of living calculators do not factor in taxes.

Is Keene State d1?

Athletics. Keene State, known athletically as the Owls, is an NCAA Division III school, competing in the Little East Conference.

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