What is CAPS meeting?

What is CAPS meeting?

CAPS stands for Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy. CAPS meetings offer city residents an opportunity to address crime and safety issues directly with the beat officers who patrol their neighborhood, as well as to provide ongoing feedback, which help the police to monitor crime issues.

What is the CAPS program in Chicago?

The Chicago (IL) Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) is a community-based program established to transform policing efforts into an efficient five-step process for law enforcement. The goal of CAPS is to solve neighborhood crime problems, rather than merely to react to their symptomatic consequences.

What does caps mean in the police department?

Police & FBI Acronyms

187 California Penal Code for Murder
CAPs Crimes Against Persons
CBA CCB Cleared By Arrest Criminal Courts Building
CHP California Highway Patrol
CI Confidential Informant

What is a beat meeting?

What Are Beat Meetings … Beat community meetings provide an opportunity for police and community residents to exchange information about conditions in the neighborhood, to identify crime and disorder problems, and to develop strategies to combat those problems.

What does caps stand for on the Chicago police cars?

Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy
A new partnership between police and community is the foundation of Chicago’s own philosophy of community policing, known as CAPS — Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy. With CAPS, police officers continue to enforce the law and respond rapidly to serious crimes and life-threatening emergencies.

What were the major obstacles to the implementation of the CAPS program?

One of the major problems with the implementation of the CAPS program was: the 911 system. The one major failure of the CAPS program was the: inability to include certain segments of the community.

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