What is Bitcoin Bitcointalk?

What is Bitcoin Bitcointalk?

Bitcointalk is a Bitcoin forum and crypto forum that is a key source of information related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin (BTC). The Bitcointalk forum serves as a place where people can post about and discuss Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto on numerous different boards, categorized according to content.

Where can I discuss Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency Forums

  • Reddit » Crypto-Currency.
  • CryptoInTalk | Largest Cryptocurrency Forum.
  • The Bitcoin Forum.
  • Beer Money Forum » Crypto Currencies.
  • Bitcoin Garden Forum » Crypto Discussion.
  • Dash Forum.
  • Bitcoin Forum.
  • Litecointalk | The New Litecointalk Forum.

What is a Bitcoin forum?

The peer-to-peer (P2P) nature of Bitcoin translates to its community as it aims to strengthen the discussion about Bitcoin, all while witnessing the cryptocurrency’s rise into the mainstream media. …

How do I post in Bitcoin forums?

To code your post, use the built-in BBCode. You may either create a post and start coding inside, or, preferably, bake your code outside the forum and then publish it in Bitcointalk. Another option is to copy BBcode of an ANN-post you like.

Who runs Bitcointalk?

Satoshi Nakamoto

Trading name BitcoinTalk
Founder(s) Satoshi Nakamoto
Key people Martti Malmi, Theymos
Members 2798000 (June 2020)
Website bitcointalk.org

Who created Bitcointalk?

Satoshi Nakamoto created the bitcointalk forum and posted the first message in 2009 under the pseudonym “satoshi”.

What is the best bitcoin forum?

Top 10 Bitcoin Forums, Discussions, and Message Boards (Cryptocurrency)

  • Reddit » Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet.
  • The Bitcoin Forum.
  • Bitcoin Garden Forum.
  • Bitcoin Forum.
  • Bitcoin Forum.
  • 1Forex Forum » Bitcoin Discussion.
  • CryptoInTalk » Bitcoin Forum (BTC)

What is the best Bitcoin forum?

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