What is best to mix with blue Curacao?

What is best to mix with blue Curacao?

Combine curacao with vodka, rum, or tequila and you’ll get a different drink out of each one. The most popular curacao drink is by far the Blue Hawaii…but try them all and let us know what you think!

What is blue curacao used for?

Blue Curacao is blue colored, slightly bitter orange-flavored liqueur used in popular blue cocktails like the Blue Hawaiian, Blue Bird and many other delicious cocktails. Curacao is naturally colorless and is made from the dried peels of the laraha citrus fruit.

What kind of alcohol is Bols Blue?

Bols Blue is the genuine star among the Bols Liqueurs. Its distinctive blue colour and special taste truly distinguishes it from all other liqueurs. Bols Blue is distilled from a blend of herbs, sweet red oranges, the characteristically flavourful bitter Curatao oranges, and the rare Kinnow oranges.

How do you drink Bols?

Bols serves its Negroni in a lightbulb Mix with ice, stir, strain, and serve in a lightbulb with a rocks glass on the side.

Is Bols blue the same as Blue Curacao?

BOLS Blue is the original Blue Curaçao. It always has been and still is, the world’s best-selling blue curaçao. The Liqueur is bottled at 24 % alcohol by Volume.

What flavors go with blue curacao?

Blue Curacao pairs well with…

  • Vodka 78 recipes.
  • Rum 62 recipes.
  • Pineapple Juice 54 recipes.
  • Ice 53 recipes.
  • Limes 46 recipes.
  • Tequila 28 recipes.
  • Orange Juice 30 recipes.
  • Orange Liqueur 26 recipes.

Is Bols blue the same as Blue Curaçao?

What does Blue Curaçao taste like?

Blue Curacao has a sweet orange peel flavor, with subtle bitter finish. The flavor is similar to Triple Sec, with a touch more bitterness.

What flavour is blue Bols?

Bols Blue adds a sparkling blue colour, a powerful orange flavour and a superb and unique aftertaste to any cocktail. As well as being a great substitute for Triple Sec in cocktails like the Blue Margarita and electric lemonade, it is also delicious when served long with soda or orange juice.

What does Bols blue taste like?

A legendary liqueur of the most colorful kind, the Bols Blue Curaçao has a palate full of fresh and tangy orange flavors. Once known as the Crème de Ciel, this liqueur is one of our oldest and most famous expressions and great to give your cocktails an amazing colour and flavour.

Can you drink Bols straight?

Bols Genever is best served chilled, and can be drunk straight, on the rocks, or with a touch of water, like whiskey. It really stands out as the primary in simple, gin-forward cocktails.

What alcohol is Bols?

Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit is triple-distilled from long fermented corn, rye and wheat with juniper berries and a personal blend from our Master Distiller. Our Bols Genever 100% Malt Spirit is our unique malt spirit, the heart of genever, in its purest form.

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