What is bacteriophage T4?

What is bacteriophage T4?

Bacteriophage T4 from family Myoviridae is one of the most complex tailed viruses that infects Escherichia coli ( E. coli) by injecting its genome into the host cell using a highly efficient contractile injection machinery.

What is the dynamic model of the phage T4 injection machinery?

The dynamic model of the phage T4 injection machinery reveals the conformational change of the sheath as a nonlinear contraction wave and the companion dynamics of the attached capsid/neck/tail tube assembly.

How does T4 inject its genome into Escherichia coli?

The virus bacteriophage T4, from the family Myoviridae, employs an intriguing contractile injection machine to inject its genome into the bacterium Escherichia coli. Although the atomic structure of phage T4 is largely understood, the dynamics of its injection machinery remains unknown.

What is the work done by phage T4 to rupture membrane?

Note that the work done by phage T4 to rupture the host membrane (shaded area in Fig. 6) is about 250 kT which is much less than total energy (∼14,500 kT) stored in the extended sheath. Consequently, the initial energy of the sheath is largely dissipated during the injection process. Fig. 6.

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