What is Arenal like in Majorca?

What is Arenal like in Majorca?

Although not as notorious as Magaluf, Arenal can be noisy and rowdy. This makes it an ideal location if you want buzz and lots of things to do all day and night, but not the best choice if you are in search of peace and quiet.

Is El Arenal Lively?

El Arenal is a lively beach resort, with plenty of bars, clubs and discos – perfect for partying all night long after a long lazy day on the beach! This upbeat resort sits at the eastern end of a long stretch of sandy beach, along which sit the neighbouring resorts of Playa de Palma and Can Pastilla.

Where can I go out in Arenal?

The Hangar Bar. Bars & Clubs.

  • Megapark. 556. Dance Clubs & Discos.
  • Bierexpress. Bars & Clubs.
  • Caramba. Bars & Clubs. Open now.
  • Bogart’s Bar-El Arenal Mallorca. Bars & Clubs.
  • Double Dutch Mallorca. Bars & Clubs • Dance Clubs & Discos.
  • 4711 Kolsch Pub Mallorca. Bars & Clubs.
  • Bar Rosaba. Bars & Clubs.
  • Is Playa de Palma nice?

    Platja de Palma is a nice beach just about a few minutes drive from the cathedral. It is a really nice place with too many restaurants…

    Is El Arenal nice?

    Nice clean beach and lovely views. I’ve often walked along this promenade out of season. There’s plenty of shops and bars open even out of season, and a very enjoyable walk from C’an Pastilla to El Arenal.

    What are the nicest parts of Majorca?

    The 15 best places to visit on Mallorca

    • Palma.
    • Puerto Portals. One of the island’s glamour spots, it’s the place to see and be seen and, during the summer, you’re more than likely to catch a glimpse of a few famous faces.
    • Pollensa.
    • Port de Pollensa.
    • Formentor.
    • Banyalbufar.
    • Deià
    • Valldemossa.

    Is Majorca tacky?

    For many, Majorca used to mean Magaluf, the tacky resort in the south-west of the Mediterranean island where thousands of teenagers clubbed and pubbed on cheap holidays. Majorca has soared in popularity among wealthy visitors, including Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, and supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

    Is Majorca Lively?

    From young holiday-makers to yachting millionaires and everyone in between, you will find a bar to suit. The capital city Palma is the main hub as it is lively all year round, but the beach resorts provide plenty of bar and club choices when they come alive in the summer months.

    IS can pastilla nice?

    C’an Pastilla is an attractive beach resort located to the east of the Bay of Palma, Mallorca. It sits next to the capital of the Island Palma. The resort is pretty relaxed and suits families and those looking for a more laid-back beach resort.

    Is Mallorca a chavvy?

    In response to the title of your post, no, Majorca is not for ‘chavs’, and if you were to read the articulate and intelligent postings from some of the regular contributors to this forum, it would quickly become apparent that many people who know and love this island are quite clearly at the opposite end of the social …

    What celebrities live in Majorca?

    Celebrities who live in Mallorca

    • Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones.
    • Claudia Schiffer & Matthew Vaughn.
    • Annie Lenox.
    • Richard Branson.
    • Rafael Nadal.


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