What is another way of saying redundant?

What is another way of saying redundant?

1 verbose, repetitive. 2 excessive; useless; superfluous, tautological.

What is the synonym and antonym of redundant?

redundant. Synonyms: superfluous, excessive, unnecessary, overflowing, luxuriant. Antonyms: requisite, defective, necessary.

What is a word for both sides?

having two sides; bilateral.

Does redundant mean repetitive?

Redundant does not mean repetitive. People sometimes get confused because the ‘re’ in redundant suggests repetition. In fact, the word has a totally unrelated meaning. Redundant means unnecessary or superfluous.

What does not redundant mean?

Definition of nonredundant : not characterized by repetition or redundancy : not redundant nonredundant functions nonredundant rules.

What is a synonym for two sides?

In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for two-sided, like: double-sided, 2-sided, bilateral, reversible and nonreversible.

What’s another word for two-sided?

What is another word for two-sided?

multipurpose reversible
double-sided dual-purpose
two-in-one two-edged

Is redundant similar to repetitive?

What is being redundant?

Redundancy is dismissal from your job, caused by your employer needing to reduce the workforce. Reasons could include: new technology or a new system has made your job unnecessary. the job you were hired for no longer exists. the need to cut costs means staff numbers must be reduced.

What is a synonym for multifaceted?

adjective. having many aspects. “a multifaceted undertaking” synonyms: many-sided, miscellaneous, multifarious varied.

What is the synonym of side?

point of view, viewpoint, view, perspective, opinion, way of thinking, mind, standpoint, stance, stand, position, attitude, posture, outlook, frame of reference, slant, aspect, angle, facet.

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