What is an Icetool?

What is an Icetool?

ICETOOL is a multipurpose DFSORT utility that uses the capabilities of DFSORT to perform multiple operations on one or more data sets in a single step. This chapter introduces you to ICETOOL’s 17 “operators”, which allow you to do a wide variety of tasks.

How do I count the number of records in an Icetool file?

If the criteria are not met (for example, HIGHER(20) is specified and the record count is 20 or less), ICETOOL sets RC=0 for the COUNT operator….COUNT Function: Count number of records in a file

  1. RC=12 if RC12 is specified, or by default if RC8 and RC4 are not specified.
  2. RC=8 if RC8 is specified.
  3. RC=4 if RC4 is specified.

What is Icetool in mainframe?

What is Dfsort used for?

DFSORT is IBM’s high-performance sort, merge, copy, analysis, and reporting product for z/OS. With DFSORT, you can sort, merge, and copy data sets. You can use DFSORT to do simple tasks such as alphabetizing a list of names, or you can use it to aid complex tasks such as taking inventory or running a billing system.

What is the difference between Dfsort and Syncsort?

DFSORT and SYNCSORT almost does the same thing-Sort. DFSORT is IBM’s product whereas SYNCSORT is a product sold by Syncsort.

How do I know how many records are in a file?

Using “wc -l” There are several ways to count lines in a file. But one of the easiest and widely used way is to use “wc -l”. The wc utility displays the number of lines, words, and bytes contained in each input file, or standard input (if no file is specified) to the standard output.

What is splice in Icetool?

Splice makes it possible to join fields from different types of input records to create an output record with information from two or more records. From 1 to 10 ON fields can be specified. By default, the first duplicate is spliced with all the WITH fields from the last duplicate.

What is Iebedit utility in JCL?

You can edit and selectively copy an input job stream to an output data set by using IEBEDIT. The program can copy: An entire job or jobs, including JOB statements and any associated JOBLIB statements, and JES2 or JES3 control statements.

What is Dfsort?

DFSORT is a program you use to sort, merge, and copy information. When you sort records, you arrange them in a particular sequence, choosing an order more useful to you than the original one. When you merge records, you combine the contents of two or more previously sorted data sets into one.

What does Syncsort do in mainframe?

SyncSort is a high speed replacement for the IBM SORT program. The SORT program is used to sort data into a certain sequence or to merge from two to sixteen previously sorted input data sets into one output data set. A rich set of data selection and modification tools also are also available.

What is the difference between Icetool and sort?

SORT is a common alias for the entry point for the sort product in your system. So, if your sort product is DFSORT, SORT is an alias for ICEMAN, the real entry point for DFSORT. Similarly, if your sort product is SYNCSORT, SORT would be an alias for the actual main SYNCSORT module.

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