What is an example of endanger?

What is an example of endanger?

Endanger is defined as to expose someone to danger. When you drive 100 miles per hour on a windy road with your friend in the car, this is an example of when you endanger your friend. To threaten with extinction.

How do you use endangerment in a sentence?

Endangerment in a Sentence

  1. The careless mother was charged with child endangerment after leaving her toddler alone in the sweltering sedan for several hours.
  2. Poachers brought on the endangerment of several species of rhino by hunting them for their horns.

What does endanger mean?

: to bring into danger or peril recklessly endangering innocent lives. intransitive verb. : to create a dangerous situation driving to endanger.

What is the sentence of majority?

A clear majority of the voters support the policy. The Republicans are currently the majority in the Senate.

Is Panda endangered?

Not extinctGiant panda / Extinction status

What is an example of a majority rule?

Under the standard definition of special majority voting, a positive decision is made if and only if a substantial portion of the votes support that decision—for example, two thirds or three fourths. For example, US jury decisions require the support of at least 10 of 12 jurors, or even unanimous support.

How do you use minority party in a sentence?

This is a secret committee from which the minority party is completely excluded. They are continuing to use the formula on the basis that there are two major parties and one minority party. They have taken 18 seats, and we have accepted 16 as the leading minority party.

What is a good sentence for endendanger?

endanger Sentence Examples She couldn’t endanger these people. 217 I won’t endanger your men if I’m not here. I don’t want to lose her and there’s no way I’ll endanger what we’re doing. 58 If she did not follow her destiny soon, she, too, would endanger all she loved.

What are some examples of endangered species?

In addition to the giant catfish, the project focuses on other endangeredspecies, such as the giant barb, the national fish of Cambodia, and the seven-striped barb. The wild Bactrian camel, a two-humped ancestor of domesticated camels, is now critically endangeredin its native habitat in the harsh deserts of Northwest China and Mongolia.

Why does the study include some endangered species?

The study includes some endangeredspecies, so as to scientifically quantify their endangeredness. Animal lovers said earlier that the case was a step in the right direction against illegal ownership of endangeredanimals. Do mysterious and presumably endangeredmanlike creatures inhabit swamplands of the southern United States?

What are the 8 endangered species of birds?

The eight endangeredspecies of birds are common scoter, hen harrier, grey partridge, corncrake, red-necked phalarope, nightjar, roseate tern and corn bunting. Warner’s Island historically provided habitat for the endangeredroseate tern, which prefers nesting on small islands under or adjacent to objects that provide cover.

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