What is an Australian Army sapper?

What is an Australian Army sapper?

Combat Engineers, known as ‘Sappers’ are part of the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers (RAE). A Sapper, trained as a Combat Engineer, is a combat soldier with a wide range of tactical and technical skills.

What are the different ranks in the Australian Army?


  • General. GEN.
  • Lieutenant General. LTGEN.
  • Major General. MAJGEN.
  • Brigadier. BRIG.
  • Colonel. COL.

What is the rank of SPR in Army?

In November 1915, he was promoted to sergeant. He received his commission as lieutenant in April 1916. In May, he was posted to 1st Canadian Tunneling Company and left England for France.

How many corps are in the Australian Army?

23 Corps
Current. The following is a list of the 23 Corps of the Australian Army, ordered according to the traditional seniority of all the Corps.

Are sappers engineers?

“A sapper is an engineer – most of the time a combat engineer – who is a subject matter expert in a variety of engineer duties, whether that be bridging, demolitions or general construction,” said Master Sgt. Sappers have supported the front-line infantry in every war in American history.

What is the Army engineer motto?

Essayons – Let Us Try
The Army Engineer Regiment’s motto is “Essayons – Let Us Try.”

What is the lowest Army rank of an Australian soldier?


Warrant officer ranks
Corporal (CPL) / bombardier (BDR) Lance corporal (LCPL) / lance bombardier (LBDR)
Private soldier ranks
Sapper (SPR) / private (PTE) / trooper (TPR) / gunner (GNR) / signalman (SIG) / craftsman (CFN) / musician (MUSN)
No rank insignia

What is a bombardier in the Army?

Bombardier (/ˌbɒmbəˈdɪər/) is a military rank that has existed since the 16th century in artillery regiments of various armies, such as in the British Army and the Prussian Army. It is today equivalent to the rank of corporal in other branches.

What is the largest corps in Australian Army?

The Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps is one of the largest Corps within Army, with over six specialist career pathways responsible for a wide range of logistics tasks supporting the Army, Navy and Air Force.

How much do Australian Army officers get paid?

Permanent Australian Defence Force salary ranges by rank, 2018-19

Rank Minimum Salary Maximum Salary
Lieutenant Colonel (E)2,5 $128,194 $243,452
Major (E)2,5 $89,800 $219,308
Captain (E)2,5 $70,334 $208,159
Lieutenant (E)4 $58,467 $122,567

What is the Engineering Corps of the Australian Army called?

Corps of the Australian Army. The Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) is the Military engineering corps of the Australian Army (although the word corps does not appear in their name or on their badge). The RAE is ranked fourth in seniority of the corps of the Australian Army, behind the Staff Cadets, Armoured and Artillery Corps.

Where does the Rae rank in the Australian Army?

The RAE is ranked fourth in seniority of the corps of the Australian Army, behind the Staff Cadets, Armoured and Artillery Corps.

What are the different roles in the Corps of Royal Australian Engineers?

The Corps of Royal Australian Engineers offers great diversity in roles including: Technical Engineer Officer.

What is the rank of an officer cadet in Australia?

The rank of Officer Cadet is given to those who are studying at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Their rank is then changed to Staff Cadet upon entry to the Royal Military College, Duntroon (RMC-D) where they become a part of the Corps of Staff Cadets. Officer cadets wear a 10mm wide white stripe,…

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