What is an arctic sleeping bag?

What is an arctic sleeping bag?

Description. The Arctic -30 is a great sleeping bag for tent bound nights in damp conditions with temperatures hovering in the teens (-7° C), with an extreme rating in the sub-zero zone (-10° F / -30° C). All the details of our Arctic Series sleeping bags are aimed at optimizing body temperature through cold nights.

Is a 300GSM sleeping bag warm?

300GSM (2 x 150g/m²) ultra-warm filling. 190T Polyester durable outer shell – Water resistant against damp.

What are the best arctic sleeping bags?

Best polar sleeping bags: Arctic tested

  • Helsport Spitsbergen, $1,173.
  • Feathered Friends Snowy Owl EX -60 Sleeping Bag, $1,160.
  • Pajak Sport Radical 16H, $1300.
  • PH Designs Xero 1300 Down Sleeping Bag, $1,550.
  • Sea to Summit Alpine Down Winter Sleeping Bag, $850.
  • Mountain Equipment Redline, $999.
  • Marmot CWM Sleeping Bag, $819.

What GSM is a 3 season sleeping bag?

300 GSM
Sleeping Bag | 3-4 Season Mummy (300 GSM) | Camping | Active Era.

Why the woods arctic sleeping bag?

Our family’s association with the Woods Arctic sleeping bag began in the mid 20th century when my father was issued one by the Canadian government for his work with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. In those days the north was still the North, without cars, TV, and no transport to the outside world during ice breakup and freeze up.

What do you think about the new Woods 5 star bags?

The Woods bag is intended for base-camp / stationary use and “they just don’t make them like they used to”. The new 5 star bags have the eiderdown of an old 3 star and are made in China with synthetic materials. I have a arctic sleeping robe that is 90 x 90. I believe it is from the 50’s. In great shape and comes with the canvas bag.

Are there any collectable Woods sleeping bags?

The only collectable Woods sleeping bags are the Arctic sleeping robes. There’s not a real market foe vintage Woods sleeping robes as they do not compare in warmth, efficiency, packed size or weight to good modern sleeping bags. In fact, they are remarkably inefficient by modern standards.

What is the value of a three star Arctic bag?

I’ve seen very good early 60’s era regular-size Three Star arctic bags go for as little as $100.00 but WWII era and older usually start at $200.00 and go up from there.

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