What is aavaran?

What is aavaran?

Steeped in the beauty and tradition of the Mewar region of Rajasthan, Aavaran was conceptualized to revive and sustain the traditional craft of Dabu, hand block printing. The trademark of the Aavaran label has been fine and unique prints and motifs on indigo-dyed fabrics, chosen from a well-researched design and craft repertoire.

What is aavaran luxury’s Festive collection?

Aavaran Luxury’s festive collection is an ode to the rich heritage and artisans of India. With its philosophy rooted in reviving age-old techniques of printmaking, dyeing with natural colours, and sustaining livelihoods of the artisan communities, Aavaran Luxury, just like its flagship brand, is created with a lot of commitment.

What is ayurvedaavaran?

Aavaran introduces its hand block printed range of table linen and bed linen that will take you close to nature and create a soothing ,sustainable decor that will be an integral part of your happy space. ‘Ayur’ is a Sanskrit word for health, Veda means wisdom and Vastra is cloth or clothing.

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