What is a Triple Maduro?

What is a Triple Maduro?

Camacho Triple Maduro is dark. It’s crafted from a pretty oily San Andrés wrapper leaf and a blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Brazilian long-fillers in a handful of popular shapes. The cigars are wrapped in shiny black and silver bands with the phrase, “Built Bold,” under the brand name.

When was the Camacho Triple Maduro released?

Camacho Triple Maduro cigars are so named for the Maduro tobaccos comprising the wrapper, filler, and binder. After immense effort, this line was finally introduced in 2007. So while they are full-bodied enough to sit the most experienced aficionado back down in his seat, they’re never bitter or overpowering.

Who makes Triple Maduro cigars?

The newest cigar coming from Camacho Cigars is made entirely from maduro tobaccos, a first for the cigar industry. The Camacho Triple Maduro, which should be on sale in about two months, is made from maduro wrapper, filler and binder tobaccos.

Who makes Camacho?

Oettinger Davidoff Group
Camacho Cigars was founded in 1961 by Simon Camacho and acquired by the Eiroa family in 1995. Now part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group, Camacho Cigars is based in Danlí, Honduras and specializes in authentic handmade Cuban seed cigars.

What are maduro cigars?

Maduro simply means dark.” Cigars that are marketed as maduros today tend to have dark brown, black or, in some odd cases, purple-black wrappers reminiscent of eggplants. (The Cuban cigar industry, while it does release very dark cigars, no longer sells any as maduros.)

Are Camacho cigars good?

Camacho is absolutely the perfect cigar brand if you want a cigar that takes no prisoners. The Camacho Triple Maduro, specifically, is a world of power. It is the world’s only triple Maduro cigar and makes for an exceptional smoking experience.

Are Camacho Cigars any good?

What does Camacho mean?

Camacho is a surname that comes from the Iberian Peninsula of the middle age, however, its true origin it may be much deeper into the past, as much as in the pre-Christian era. It is very probable that Camacho has a Gaelic beginning and it may come from the old word “camb” which means twisted or disfigured.

Are Maduro cigars any good?

Maduro wrappers embrace many of today’s most popular cigars. Because of their oily dark brown and sometimes nearly black color, many Maduro cigars are mistaken for being strong. While they can be strong, they are better-known for harboring sweetness.

Are Maduro cigars strong?

Because of their dark wrappers, maduros can scare off less seasoned smokers, who assume a dark brown or black exterior means the cigar will be strong. “The newer people tend to see maduros as very strong and tend to shy away from them,” says Pesh.

Are Camacho Cigars strong?

Balance of flavors: Not wildly complex, but the flavors are pretty intense – and not too strong. Great midday smoke that certainly leans to the layered side. Summary: While they toss around the word “bold” a lot, the boldness in these Camacho cigars isn’t in the strength – it’s in the intensity of the flavors.

What is a triple Maduro cigar?

Superior, expertly cultivated tobacco leaves are grown at Ranchos Jamastran under the watchful gaze of the Eiroa family. Camacho Triple Maduro is the world’s first all-maduro cigar. Prepare thyself for an explosion of dark, complex flavors. Triple Maduro was created for fans of a full-bodied blend, and this one is packing heat.

Where does Camacho come from?

Camacho often goes head to head with some of the most storied Cuban brands….and comes out on top time after time. These highly complex, intensely flavorful rock star blends come from the fertile soils of Honduras in a climate that rivals the lush Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.

What makes tritriple Maduro so special?

Triple Maduro was created for fans of a full-bodied blend, and this one is packing heat. You can anticipate rich and hearty undertones of spice and earth that are strong and bold without completely decimating the palate. Evenly constructed and epically dark and inviting, this is one maduro you won’t want to miss.

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