What is a trailer restraint system?

What is a trailer restraint system?

A vehicle restraint is a piece of equipment installed at the loading dock that is intended to prevent a transport vehicle from leaving the dock during the loading/unloading process. It is also a serious safety hazard for a trailer to pull away from your loading dock while your fork lift operator is still inside.

What is a dock lock?

A truck restraint (or a dock lock) prevents a truck from moving during loading and unloading. If a truck leaves the loading dock before loading and unloading is complete, workers can fall into the gap between the truck and dock, causing serious personal injury or death, and freight and equipment can be damaged.

Do I need a front and rear stand for motorcycle?

According to Riding Motorcycles, the most important is the rear wheel stand because it is the most frequently used. The front stand gives you better access to all of the various components of the motorcycle when you need to have both wheels off the ground.

How much do dock locks cost?

Mechanical Dock Lock and Trailer Restraint

Reg. Price: $5,800.00
Sale Price: $4,260.00
Save: $1,540.00

What is a loading dock leveler?

A dock leveler is a piece of equipment that is usually either mounted to the dock face or recessed into a pit at a loading dock door allowing movement of industrial vehicles between a building and a transport vehicle.

What are Pinel restraints?

The Pinel protective helmet can be placed on the patient to prevent head injury. The helmet also protects the staff from head butting and spitting. They are versatile and flexible – we can change the length, add and take away restraints to make the patient as comfortable as possible.

What does Pinel mean?

Pinel system: The policy of treating the mentally ill in hospitals and other institutions humanely and without the use of forcible restraints of any type.

What is the point of a motorcycle stand?

A motorcycle center-stand is intended primarily for maintenance work, not for routine parking of a bike. It allows you to get one (or both) of the wheels off the ground to enable chain maintenance or removing one or both of the wheels. By default (on most modern bikes) it is the rear wheel that is lifted.

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