What is a T-pose model sheet?

What is a T-pose model sheet?

The T-pose is not a pose that comes from within the character. It’s a pose forced upon him for technical and reference reasons not a pose your character would ever get into. T-pose model sheets shall be the one and only exception, where you as an animator are ever allowed to do such a thing!

Why do I need a character in T-pose?

There are several possibilities where you need a character in T-pose: – In model sheets they serve as a reference for construction – a blueprint. Have you ever seen the blueprint of a house? It has no colors, lots of numbers and annotations and doesn’t look remotely as good as a photo of the finished house. It’s similar here.

What if the T-pose is not enough?

If the T-pose is not enough to depict a character detail, make a model sheet just for that detail (e.g. the clothing, the hand, a special kind of bend,…) But most importantly: As we previously established, the T-pose is just a blueprint for constructing the physical anatomy of the character.

How to use t pose in ZBrush?

Apply a T-posefrom the Content Manager. As you can see the arms, in this case, raise up due to the modification in ZBrushand the Adjust Bone to Fit Morphfeature. Click the Set T-Posebutton in the Motion Posetab of the Modify panel. The Set T-Posepanel will show up.

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