What is a standard gobo size?

What is a standard gobo size?

Standard Gobo Sizes
Letter Size OD IA
A 100mm 75mm
B 86mm 64.5mm
M 66mm 48mm

How thick is a gobo?

Gobos are usually placed in a gobo holder or gobo wheel and the most commonly used gobos are simple metal gobos. Glass gobos are thicker than metal gobos (our gobos are usually between 1.1mm to 2.7mm thick).

What size gobo does a source 4 take?

86 mm
Standard ‘B’ Size Glass Gobo Holder (86 mm) – ETC SOURCE 4.

How do I choose my gobo?

The gobo size that you need is based on the light fixture that will project that gobo. Many traditional theater style lights like a Source 4 ellipsoidal light or LEKO light will use a size B gobo (about the diameter of a coke can).

What do the different degree angles do for a Leko light?

A Leko lens is measured in degrees. These degrees measure the degree of refraction that determine how wide or narrow the light is dispersed. A 19 degree lens will have a narrow dispersion of light, compared to a 50 degree lens. And theoretically, that 19 degree will be much brighter than the 50.

What is a Leko light?

A Lekolite (often abbreviated to Leko) is a brand of ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS) used in stage lighting which refers to the half-ellipsoidal dome reflector within which the instrument’s lamp is housed.

How do I choose a gobo projector?

What Kind of Surface are you projecting onto? Be sure to also take into consideration the colour and type of surface you are projecting onto. This is a common oversight when choosing a gobo projector. Bright surfaces like a white wall will reflect the light better, producing a brighter projection.

What is a Leko?

What does Leko stand for?


Acronym Definition
LEKO Levy and Kook (stage lighting fixture)

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