What is a non-process infrastructure?

What is a non-process infrastructure?

We provide a large range of non-process infrastructure including design and construction of control rooms, substations, rail and vehicle workshops, warehouses, supply bases, administration buildings, fuel and lube facilities, laboratories and sample preparation buildings and fabrication and plant maintenance workshops.

What is non-process?

What you refer to as a “non processed” is actually a “dismissal by Order of Nolle Prosequi”. What it means is the government is not proceeding with the prosecution of the case.

What does NPI stand for in mining?

Building multi-million dollar Non-Process Infrastructure (NPI) has been a key market for NPJV since inception.

What is a process building?

process building means a building for the manufacture or storage of explosives, other than for immediate use, in which any explosive is manufactured or any ingredient of explosive is used in a manufacturing process; Sample 1.

What does nolle prosequi indicted mean?

to be unwilling to prosecute
A Latin phrase meaning “to be unwilling to prosecute.” A nolle prosequi is a prosecutor’s formal entry on the record indicating that he or she will no longer prosecute a pending criminal charge against the defendant. A nolle prosequi acts as a dismissal of the charges, usually without prejudice.

What does ROM stand for in coal?

In coal mining: Coal preparation. Therefore, run-of-mine (ROM) coal—the coal that comes directly from a mine—has impurities associated with it.

What does Mia stand for in mining?

Intelligent Mine. The four concepts underpinning a new way of mining.

What are the 4 phases of construction?

The construction process is typically divided into 4 essential phases: Planning, Preconstruction, Construction and Close-out.

What does nol mean in court?

Is nolle pros a conviction?

Is nolle prosequi a good thing? Yes, the “nolle prosequi” is good because it represents the formal notice of abandonment of the prosecution without a conviction.

What is slack coal?

Hayes slack coal is a cost-effective way to keep your fire warm throughout the night. Slack coal is added to your fire before you go to bed and should maintain a fire throughout the night. The flame will not be there however the heat will be maintained within the coal.

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