What is a MPD server?

What is a MPD server?

Music Player Daemon (MPD) is a free and open music player server. It plays audio files, organizes playlists and maintains a music database. In order to interact with it, a client program is needed.

How do I configure MPD?


  1. Install mpd. In a terminal, write the below: sudo apt-get install mpd.
  2. By default ubuntu installs mpd as a system service. We don’t want this, so let’s remove it from startup.
  3. Extract and copy the default config file.
  4. Step 4-7.
  5. Create the needed directories.
  6. run mpd.
  7. Run gmpc.
  8. Step 11-13.

How do I reset my MPD?

The LPD and MPD series controllers use Akai Editor software to manage MIDI settings….

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Press the ‘SEL’ up or down buttons to choose ‘OPTIONS.
  3. Press the ‘OK’ button.
  4. Press SEL down to choose ‘FACTORY RESET’.
  5. Press OK.

What port does MPD use?

For a system-wide MPD, we suggest the path “/var/run/mpd/socket”. This specifies the port that mpd listens on. The default is 6600.

How do I reset my MIDI controller?

  1. Power off the keyboard.
  2. Hold down both Pad Octave buttons (+ and –) while powering the keyboard back on. The screen will flash ‘RESET’ for one second and return to normal operation.

How do you reset a circuit track?

Resetting a product back to it’s factory settings.

  1. Expand the Novation Packs list on the left.
  2. Click Send to Circuit Tracks on the Circuit Tracks Factory Pack.
  3. Select a pack slot.
  4. Click Overwrite/Send Pack.

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