What is a Michigan DHS 4487 form?

What is a Michigan DHS 4487 form?

The DHS-4487 is mailed during the month prior to the redetermina- tion month for active recipients when a match is found with IRS. Specialists are sent a task/reminder which identifies the client who received notices.

How do I apply for ser?

To apply for SER, submit an application to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). The application process takes around 10 days to complete. One way to apply is online through the MDHHS website, MI Bridges.

How do I transfer my DHS case in Michigan?

How can constituents report changes to their local offices? The most efficient and reliable change reporting is online at MI Bridges, www.michigan.gov/MI Bridges, or by calling MI Bridges at 888-642-7434. Constituents who use either of these options will receive a confirmation number to track their changes.

How do I get my CPS records in Michigan?

If you are eligible to receive CPS records, present your driver’s license or other personal identification card and a written request for the records to the local Department of Health & Human Services office.

What is DHS 20?

What is the DHS 20 Verification of Assets Form? The DHS 20 Verification of Assets Form is used for the verification of the person’s assets in Michigan State. The Departure of Human Services should get the required information in the blank to afford assistance if needed.

Is there an app for MI bridges?

MDHHS – New mobile app, Michigan WIC Connect, makes it easier to apply, access benefits, schedule appointments and more.

Does Michigan DHS help with rent?

Families and individuals who also have run out of public assistance may also qualify for housing services, as funding allows. Work with a DHS social worker to learn about your options, to connect with available housing in your community and apply for emergency rental resources.

How many times can you get SER in Michigan?

Utility Assistance State Emergency Relief (SER) will make a one-time annual (once per year) payment to prevent shut-offs, or restore heat, electric, or water service.

Who qualifies for Michigan Medicaid?

Generally, the program serves: persons aged 65 or older; blind or permanently disabled persons; members of families with dependent children; children in foster care homes; pregnant women; and individuals under age 21 in psychiatric hospitals.

Can you sue CPS in Michigan?

How to Fight CPS Harassment. CPS workers do not have immunity from prosecution, regardless of what they may claim. The state of Michigan has social service regulations in place to protect families from suffering wrongly. If a CPS worker violates these regulations, he or she can be punished.

How do I press charges for false CPS report in Michigan?

Simple dial 1-800-342-7896 to fill out our online contact form. A seasoned case analyst will review every detail of your case and advise you of the best course of action.

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