What is a loading dock plate?

What is a loading dock plate?

The goal of a dock plate is to bridge the gap between a trailer and the loading dock. This is the same general goal of a dock leveler, but that’s where the similarities end. Dock plates are typically constructed of aluminum and designed to be portable, as opposed to permanent levelers.

How much does a edge of dock weigh?

BLUFF Edge-of-Dock Levelers – 72″W Plate

Brand Bluff
Material HAWA
Item Weight 476 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 27.75 x 96 inches

What are the different types of dock levelers?

When it comes to loading dock levelers, there are 4 types commonly used which include:

  • Mechanical Dock Levelers.
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers.
  • Air Dock Levelers.
  • Vertical Dock Levelers.

What is a dock leveler pit?

A dock leveler is a piece of equipment that is usually either mounted to the dock face or recessed into a pit at a loading dock door creating a bridge between a building and a transport vehicle.

How much do dock plates weigh?

Bluff Aluminum Model A Dock Plates – 3/8″ Thick Plate

Item # Length Weight
Item # A3624 Length 24″ Weight 47 lbs.
Item # A3030 Length 30″ Weight 49 lbs.
Item # A3630 Length 30″ Weight 56 lbs.
Item # A3036 Length 36″ Weight 56 lbs.

What is an edge of dock leveler (EOD)?

What Is a Dock Leveler? An edge of dock leveler (EOD) is used to bridge the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck or ramp. As opposed to a dockboard, EODs are fixed to the loading dock.

How does a mechanical Edge O dock work?

The Mechanical Edge-O-Dock is operated by placing the actuation handle into the pocket of the inner lip and pulling down toward the floor. The operator then pushes the handle forward until the lip rests on the truck bed. As the trailer departs, the lip retracts behind the bumper face automatically.

What is the difference between a dockboard and an EOD?

As opposed to a dockboard, EODs are fixed to the loading dock. Copperloy edge of dock levelers are ideal for use when trucks are backing up to a dock. With a simple pull of the handle, the leveler will lift over the top truck height for easy positioning.

What are the parts of a dock leveler?

A dock leveler comes with (2) steel bumper blocks, (2) rubber bumpers, and an activation handle. What type of channel is required for installing a dock edge? We recommend a minimum of an 8″ steel channel with upper and lower straps alternating every 10″ with end straps on top.

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