What is a Lcsp?

What is a Lcsp?

Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) The Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) is required by DoD Instruction 5000.02 “Enclosure 6” and documents the Program Manager’s (PM) and Product Support Manager’s (PSM) plan for formulating, implementing, and executing the sustainment strategy.

Which three of the following are attributes of an effective product support arrangement PSA?

Attributes of an effective PBL arrangement include: Objective, measurable work description that acquires a product support outcome. Appropriate contract length, terms, and funding strategies that encourage delivery of the required outcome.

What is included in product support?

It includes the logistics elements of manpower and personnel, technical data, facilities, maintenance planning, supply support, and computer resource support. They must be integrated because they impact each other and Materiel Availability.

What is the purpose of a product support strategy value analysis?

The objective of Product Support is to develop, enable, and execute a sustainment strategy that will deliver optimum operational readiness to the Warfighter, consistent with Warfighter requirements, at an affordable, best value cost.

In which phase of the life cycle does the Lcsp focus on developing the execution plan?

When the program enters the O&S Phase, the LCSP is the execution plan for sustaining the system to include disposal. The LCSP should be used to support and align efforts to the program’s planning, programming, budgeting, and execution activities.

What are the key consideration for developing sources of repair?

Among the considerations in identifying sources of repair are capabilities to support similar system and subsystem hardware and software. Programs should investigate potential sources of repair both within a DoD Component and within other DoD Components.

What are three key activities the life cycle logistician participates in during production and fielding?

managing and deploying the initial sustainment capabilities; finalizing equipment product support packages and maintenance plans; demonstrating the product support capabilities and effectiveness.

What is the product support package?

Product support packages include the support functions required to field and maintain the readiness and operational capability of major weapon systems, subsystems, and components, including all functions related to weapon system readiness.

What are the 12 integrated product support elements?

Terms in this set (14)

  • logistics elements.
  • logistics activities.
  • product support management.
  • supply support.
  • packaging, handling, storage, & transportation.
  • maintenance planning & management.
  • design interface.
  • sustaining engineering.

How many steps are included in the product support strategy process model?

Development and implementation of the Product Support Strategy consist of twelve (12) discrete steps reflected in the Product Support Process Model.

What do operational testers evaluate?

What do operational testers evaluate to determine the degree to which a system is usable in its intended environment, e.g., reliable, supportable, maintainable, and transportable? Measures of Suitability (MOS).

What are the risk management responsibilities of the life cycle logistician?

a) Develop and implement risk planning; Identify risks that impact multiple Integrated Product Teams and coordinate risk management efforts; Revisit identified risks to verify risk analysis results. Match the steps of an Independent Logistics Assessment with the task that will occur during that stage.

What is post-fielding support analysis?

Post-fielding support analysis. (1) PFSA is a Joint Service re-engineering logistics initiative aimed at improving logistics support for fielded materiel. By using current logistics data from the O&S of materiel, adjustments to the support structure and procedures to improve readiness can be elevated.

What does the US Army logistics data analysis center do?

5stars out of 5based on 2user ratings. The US Army Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC)develops and maintains state-of-the-art supportability analysis and Life Cycle Logistics decision support software tools to assist acquisition Program and Product Support Managers.

What is sustainment planning for post-fielding performance?

Sustainment planning begins at the earliest stages of the defense acquisition system. Successful post- fielding sustainment performance depends on thoughtful consideration during requirements development and solution analysis.

What is supportsupportability analysis?

Supportability analysis is the process and series of tasks performed to examine all elements of the proposed materiel and equipment to determine the logistics support required to keep the materiel usable for its intended purpose, and to influence the design so that both the materiel and its required support can be provided at an acceptable cost.

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