What is a hydride compressor?

What is a hydride compressor?

A hydride compressor is a hydrogen compressor based on metal hydrides with absorption of hydrogen at low pressure, releasing heat, and desorption of hydrogen at high pressure, absorbing heat, by raising the temperature with an external heat source like a heated waterbed or electric coil.

What is a hydrogen micro-compressor?

This six stage hydride compressor boosts pressure from atmospheric to 3,000 psia using energy from 85°C hot water! This hydrogen Micro-compressor is powered by electrical resistance heating. • Inlet H2 is continuously absorbed in the hydride accumulator.

What is metal hydride hydrogen compression?

Metal Hydride (MH) hydrogen compression utilises a reversible heat-driven interaction of a hydride-forming metal, alloy or intermetallic compound with hydrogen gas to form MH and is considered as a promising application for hydrogen energy systems.

What is the patent number for compression of hydrogen gas?

T12016 Halene C. Method and apparatus for compressing hydrogen gas, Patent US 4995235, 1991. Ovshinsky SR, Young RT, Li Y, Myasnikov V, Sobolev V. Hydrogen storage bed system including an integrated thermal management system.

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