What is a Howard Miller clock Worth?

What is a Howard Miller clock Worth?

Howard Miller Clocks offers hundreds of items to complement any decor ranging from portable alarm clocks to desk sets to wall and mantel clocks to collectors cabinets to limited edition grandfather clocks. And in price ranges that may surprise you – from $15 to $15,000.

How do you date a Howard Miller clock?

How do You Determine the Age of a Howard Miller Clock?

  1. Check for a stamped date. While stamped dates tend to be a rarity among these top-notch tickers, some do bear their date of manufacture.
  2. Check for a serial number and model in one of three locations.
  3. Do some follow-up investigative work.

How do I know if my grandfather clock is worth money?

Here is how to tell how much your grandfather clock is worth….These factors are the most important to consider when trying to come up with a value for your clock.

  1. Professional Opinion.
  2. Condition.
  3. Age.
  4. Maker.
  5. Aesthetics.
  6. Mechanical Complexity.
  7. Movement.
  8. Pendulum.

How much is a 1960 grandfather clock worth?

They generally sell for $750 to $2,500, but complicated movements in great cases do sell for a lot more. This handsome clock is worth about $900 to $1,500.

Are Howard Miller clocks made in the USA?

Howard Miller products are made in various locations. Most wall clocks including this one are Made in China, Asia or SE Asia. All table and shelf clocks are Made in China, Asia or SE Asia. Mechanical, Key-wound Grandfather and Floor clocks are Made in the USA.

Are Howard Miller clocks made in China?

What kind of Howard Miller clock do I have?

All Howard Miller clocks have a foil label affixed that features a model number along with the clock’s serial number, according to Howard Miller. This is found either on the back of the clock or inside the case of the clock behind the working features or on the side of the inner case.

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