What is a headwall in construction?

What is a headwall in construction?

Headwall or Endwall– An integrated wall located at either end of drainage pipe or a stream crossing structure. A wall built at a pipe inlet is a headwall.

What is a headwall culvert?

Culvert headwalls are attached to the ends of a culvert to reduce erosion, inhibit seepage, retain the fill, improve the aesthetic and hydraulic characteristics, and make the ends structurally stable. Two basic types of headwalls are available. They are broadly classified as safety headwalls and non-safety headwalls.

What are headwall and Wingwall?

Headwalls and Wingwalls are produced to finish and secure the ends of pipe, box culverts and bridge sections. They are designed to function together with the conduit to provide a sound, functional and permanent structure.

What is a precast headwall?

Precast headwalls drainage controls erosion and scour resulting from excessive velocities and turbulence and prevent adjacent soil from sloughing into the watercourse opening. …

What is a glacial headwall?

The headwall of a glacier is the rocky wall at the top end (head) of a glacier.

Why are headwalls used?

A headwall is a small retaining wall built at the inlet or outlet of a storm water drainage pipe or culvert pipe. Industries put them in place to reduce any erosion to the pipe and surrounding area caused by the constant flow of water.

What is a headwall in a hospital?

A hospital headwall system is an architectural feature in a patient room. It combines electrical and medical gas functions while effectively managing the cords and tubing. Hospital headwall systems are designed to improve equipment organization and layout.

Why do you need a headwall?

Headwalls are a low cost solution to prevent the erosion of soil and drainage pipes. Headwalls direct the flow of water, reducing damaging turbulence and ensuring the efficiency of the pipe. They act as a marker that indicates a pipe opening, protecting pipes from accidental damage during maintenance.

What is a headwall in geography?

Definition of headwall 1a : a precipice rising above the floor of a glacial cirque. b : a steep slope forming the head of a valley. 2 : a wall of masonry or concrete built at the outlet of a drainpipe or culvert with the end of the conduit flush with the outer surface of the wall.

What is a mountain headwall?

Landform. Steep slope or cliffs above gentler slopes (often scree slopes) and ending at the skyline. Usually in the mountains at the head of a valley, hence the name “head” wall, and usually formed by glaciers.

What is end wall?

A Headwall (also Endwall) is a small retaining wall placed at the inlet or outlet of a stormwater pipe or culvert. It serves to minimise vegetation growth and reduce erosion around the culvert inlet and outlet.

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