What is a GT 351?

What is a GT 351?

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) is reportedly planning to send off the Falcon GT with a limited-run “351” edition. Thanks to the upgraded motor, it will be the quickest Falcon GT ever and is expected to complete the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) run in approximately 4.7 seconds.

What does GT HO stand for?

GTHO. Get the Hell On!

Why is the GTHO Phase 3 so expensive?

Value. The Phase III GTHO is in incredibly high demand with collectors and investors. Good examples have been sold for prices in excess of A$ 1,000,000. This demand is, in part, due to a small production run, and ‘fewer than 100 remaining’ examples of the GTHO.

How many XY GTs were built?

1,557 XY
Production. Production of the XY Falcon range totalled 118,666 vehicles. 1,557 XY Falcon GTs and 300 XY GT-HOs were built.

What is a XR GT worth?

2019-2020 Market

XR GT 1967-68 165,000
XT GT 1968-69 115,000
XW GT 1969-70 145,000
XW GT Replica 1969-70 75,000

What is a GTHO Phase 3 worth?

$1.3 million
A classic Ford Falcon has fetched well over $1 million at auction, setting a record price for iconic Australian cars. The Yellow Glo Ford GTHO Phase III Falcon sold on Saturday for $1.3 million, making it the most expensive road registerable Australian classic sold under the hammer.

What is the difference between XY and XW?

Overview. The XY Falcon was released in October 1970 replacing the XW Falcon. The XY was a facelift of the XW, featuring a new divided grille and redesigned tail lights. Improvements were made to seating, safety equipment and ride quality.

What kind of car is an XW?

Ford Falcon
The Ford Falcon (XW) is a full-size car that was produced by Ford Australia from 1969 to 1970. It was the third iteration of the second generation of the Falcon and also included the Ford Futura (XW) and the Ford Fairmont (XW)—the luxury-oriented version.

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