What is a good year for California Chardonnay?

What is a good year for California Chardonnay?

United StatesCalifornia/Chardonnay

Vintage Carneros Napa
Vintage 2016 Carneros 90 Napa 89
Description Solid but variable year; fine quality in Sonoma and Santa Barbara
Vintage 2015 Carneros 90 Napa 89
Description Sonoma strong again in another drought year; elegant and refined in style

Who owns CA Momi Winery?

The winery, owned by De Conti, Valentina Guolo-Migotto and Stefano Migotto, says it attempts to blend its Italian heritage and wine-making style with Napa Valley wine grapes. It was named one of Wine Business Monthly’s Top 10 Hot Small Brands for 2012. Ca’ Momi is named after the family’s home in Veneto, Italy.

Which California county grows the most Chardonnay?

The variety is California’s most widely planted winegrape, with 93,452 acres reported in 2017….Top 10 California Counties for Chardonnay Acreage, 2017.

County 2017 Total Acres
Monterey 16,969
Sonoma 15,617
San Joaquin 13,148
Napa 6,914

Is a 2015 Chardonnay still good?

The 2015 had the most color, a richer yellow. “It’s delicious in a youthful way. It’s got vibrant acidity the way the ’05 did and the best finish of the three. Tastes like a California Chardonnay, an exceptional one.

What is the best Chardonnay in the world?

The World Best Chardonnay Wines

  • Rombauer Chardonnay 2015, Carneros, California, rating 92/100, Review.
  • Castella della Sala ‘Cervaro’ 2012, Umbria, Italy, rating 92/100 Review.
  • Beringer Luminus Chardonnay 2013, Napa Valley, USA, rating 91/100 Review.

Is 2012 a good wine year?

Yes, it was a very, very good year in almost every wine region of the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. (In perhaps the wine world’s most iconic region, Bordeaux, though, the wines are less memorable than in many recent years, but still quite good.)

What does CA Momi mean in Italian?

House of Momi
Ca’ Momi is Italian for “House of Momi. Ca’ = Short for “Casa” pronounced “ka”, Momi = Short for Momi dea Bionda pronounced “moh-me”. This is the name given to the Migotto family home in the Veneto region of Italy. The home’s nickname comes from local legend (and prior owner of the house) Momi dea Bionda.

What does CA Momi mean in English?

the House of Momi
The name Ca’Momi directly reflects their Italian heritage – meaning in English, the House of Momi. The town is surrounded by agricultural land including some vineyards and a number of homes similar in size and look to the Ca’Momi house.

How many AVAs does California have?

California wine country currently has 139 American Viticultural areas or AVAs. These are delimited, geographical grape-growing areas that have officially been given appellation status by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. AVAs show off the diversity and quality of the wine region.

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