What is a good argumentative topic?

What is a good argumentative topic?

50 Argumentative Essay Topic IdeasShould fracking be legal?Should parents be able to modify their unborn children?Do GMOs help or harm people?Should vaccinations be required for students to attend public school?Should world governments get involved in addressing climate change?

How do you debate a topic?

Important skills for debatingYou points must be relevant to the topic.Provide evidence whenever you can and not your personal opinion.You must put aside your personal views and remain objective when you debate so your argument remains logical.

How do you win a formal debate?

Invent your rebuttals calmly.Boil your arguments into more specific points, mentally, before launching in. You won’t win this portion of your debate by scattering new ideas into the air at the last moment.Sum up your argument into one or two sentences. Focus on what you know you’ve done successfully.

How do you rebut?

Link your argument back to the topic, and provide evidence to back it up. Tell the judge why this evidence proves that your argument is superior to your opponent’s argument. This should take several sentences and possibly several minutes, depending on how many arguments you plan to address in your rebuttal.

What should a rebuttal consist of?

What Is a Good Rebuttal?A statement of the counterargument.A statement of your position and why it differs from the counterargument.Evidence to support your position.

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