What is a frieze board for?

What is a frieze board for?

Frieze board is a type of trim that is typically installed between the top of a home’s siding and the soffit. It’s normally installed flat against the home, but it may be installed at an angle if installed on a gable. Frieze board may also be used as a decorative, horizontal trim anywhere in or on the home.

What is frieze on a house?

In interiors, the frieze of a room is the section of wall above the picture rail and under the crown moldings or cornice. By extension, a frieze is a long stretch of painted, sculpted or even calligraphic decoration in such a position, normally above eye-level.

What size is a frieze board?

Seamless Frieze Boards is also a trim detail, usually 1″ x 6″ , 8″ , or 10″, installed horizontally below the soffit, which is the material used to enclose the horizontal underside of an eave, cornice or overhang.

Where is a frieze board located?

Frieze board is usually installed in between the soffit and the top of a house’s siding panel. Its primary function is to give a finishing touch to the house’s exterior, and they come with a variety of options. The market has various types of options available for frieze boards.

Should you caulk frieze board?

Caulking the frieze is good to do. Do not have concern about ventilation or moisture. That should be handled differently. Ventilation is usually in bottom where soffit is.

What is a brick frieze?

A frieze board is essentially a horizontal board that is between 2 inches and 6 inches wide, but this can vary for certain types of applications. Frieze boards are placed on brick box houses near the top, where they cover the gap between the soffit and the wall or the gap between the soffit and the brick.

How long do fascia boards last?

Well installed and maintained wooden fascia can last for up to 20 or 30 years, before they start deteriorating. Although some might need replacing within 5 to 10 years.

What is a frieze board made of?

Frieze board can also be made of engineered trim, aluminum, and fiber cement. These materials are typically paired with siding of the same material, for example a home sided in fiber cement, will likely have a frieze board made of fiber cement as well.

What is frieze board trim and why is it important?

Frieze board trim can often go overlooked during the design process, but it’s a fine and critical detail that actually makes a big difference in the overall appearance and performance of a home’s exterior. There are many uses for frieze board trim, which allows homeowners to approach this building material with creativity.

Where can I find Freeze board exterior design pictures?

Whether you want inspiration for planning freeze board exterior or are building designer freeze board exterior from scratch, Houzz has 97 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Carl Vernlund and Southern Green Builders.

How do you attach frieze board to trim?

Frieze board is installed using a trim board hook as a starter strip. The trim board hook should be lined up flush with the edge near the seam and fixed firmly with a nail. Most frieze board trim is constructed with a small lip that will clip into the trim board hook easily and securely.

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