What is a Cisco 3700?

What is a Cisco 3700?

Cisco 3700 series routers are modular access routers with LAN and WAN connections that can be configured by means of interchangeable network modules and interface cards.

What is Cisco 3725?

The Cisco 3725 is a rack mountable modular router chassis. The Cisco 3725 provides numerous slots for configuration including two AIM slots, three WIC slots, and up to two NIM slots. An additional fast Ethernet port is provided for local area network (LAN) configuration.

How do you set up a lightweight access point?

Lightweight Access Point Configuration We then need to configure the trunk port on the link between WLC and L3SW to propagate multiple VLANs on that link. After that, we’ll configure the interface connected to the Lightweight AP as an access port in the AP management VLAN.

What is Cisco IOSv?

IOSv is an implementation of Cisco IOS that runs as a full virtual machine. The IOSv images are built from the Cisco IOS M/T train and support up to 16 GigabitEthernet interfaces. IOSv provides full layer-3 control-plane and data-plane functionality.

Is Eve-Ng better than GNS3?

Both the features are better with GNS3 and EVE-NG when compared with VIRL. While comparing GNS3 vs EVE-NG, we find that GNS3 is a free, open-source community that has built a well-documented piece of software.

How do I install Cisco IOU IOL to Eve-Ng?

Steps to install IOU IOL images on EVE-NG

  1. In the very beginning you need to download the IOU IOL images on EVE-NG server. Please use this LINK to download the images.
  2. Next, upload IOL image to EVE-NG you want to run.
  3. Open the WINSCP and access the EVE-NG server directory as below.
  4. The IOU/IOL images must end with .

What is difference between lightweight and autonomous access point?

Autonomous access points are far and away more common than their lightweight counterparts. The controller in the WLAN is what distinguishes it from lightweight access points. As the name autonomous implies, the controller allows the single device to manage traffic independently from any additional support.

What are the features of Cisco 2600 and 3700?

Cisco IOS features such as tunneling, data encryption, and termination of Remote Access WANs via IPSec, Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocols (L2TP) make the Cisco 2600 Series and 3700 Series ideal platforms for building virtual private networks or outsourced dial solutions.

What is the Cisco iw3700?

The IW3700 offers a scalable and secure mesh architecture for high-performance Wi-Fi services, and can also serve as an advanced static or mobile Workgroup Bridge (WGB). Cisco IW3700 Series Access Points with industrial environmental qualifications, unique protocol capabilities, and industry-leading 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance:

What is the difference between the iw3700 and Aironet 3700 series?

The new Cisco IW3700 Series Access Points sustain connections at higher speeds farther from the access points than competing solutions, resulting in up to three times more availability of 1.3-Gbps rates and optimizing the performance of more client devices. The IW3700 carries forward the industry-leading features of the Cisco Aironet ® 3700 Series.

How do I get free access points for Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches?

Get free Cisco Catalyst 9100 Wi-Fi 6 access points when you purchase qualifying Cisco Catalyst 9000 multigigabit switches with our Cisco DNA software licenses. The Cisco ® Industrial Wireless 3700 (IW3700) Series Access Points deliver industry-leading performance and a high-density experience for industrial and outdoor use.


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