What is a bobtail Bay in Jingle Bells?

What is a bobtail Bay in Jingle Bells?

“Bells on bobtails ring”; “Just get a bobtailed bay”: A “bobtail” is the tail of a horse where the hair has been cut short in order to keep it from getting caught in the reins. This was a very common practice in sleigh races particularly. “And then we got upsot”’: This is indicating that the carriage tipped over.

What is a bobtail and why do they make it on horses?

If I’m not mistaken, the tails were often bobbed (cropped or docked) on horses pulling vehicles to keep them from becoming entangled with the reins and brake.

Is bobtail the name of the horse?

If the tail has been cut very short, you aren’t putting it on the tail, and therefore you are referring to your horse as “Bobtail”. Even if your horse isn’t answering to that name in the general sense, that’s what you’re calling it in this song.

What are cloven skies?

Cloven means “split” or “divided in two.” In this song it refers to clouds parting in the sky to reveal God’s angels.

What is the name of bells horse?

Philippe is Belle and Maurice’s Belgian draft horse in Beauty and the Beast.

Who sings the best version of Jingle Bells?

Below, take a look at the greatest versions of “Jingle Bells” that need to be on your holiday playlist immediately.

  • Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters (1945)
  • Barbra Streisand (1967)
  • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (1970)
  • Dolly Parton (1990)
  • Natalie Cole (1994)
  • Straight No Chaser (2009)
  • Katharine McPhee (2010)

What is a fanny bride?

Fania Borach (October 29, 1891 – May 29, 1951), known professionally as Fanny Brice or Fannie Brice, was an American comedienne, illustrated song model, singer, and theater and film actress who made many stage, radio, and film appearances.

What do you call a truck without a trailer?

What is Bobtailing? A semi-truck is in “bobtail” mode when it does not have a trailer attached. Truck drivers often drive a bobtail truck when they are on their way to pick up their cargo at the beginning of a shift, or after dropping their cargo off at the end.

What does NBT mean for dogs?

Natural bobtail
Natural bobtail in a 3-month-old Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Natural bobtail (NBT) is a naturally occurring mutation in the T-box transcription factor T gene that results in a shortened tail.

What is a bob-tailed Bay?

Thus bob-tailed bay is a bay-colored horse with a cropped tail. Thank you very much mplsray and pwmeek. You must log in or register to reply here.

What is a bob tailed bay horse?

Bob-tailed refers to cropping or shortening the tail of a horse, usually to avoid having to clean it, or for appearance. (Somewhat cruel, as the horse cannot whisk away flies.) Thus bob-tailed bay is a bay-colored horse with a cropped tail.

What kind of dog has a bobtail?

Bobtail – An Old English Sheepdog breed that has its tail typically cut short or completely removed soon after birth. Bells on bobtail ring – In the song, “Jingle Bells,” a bobtail refers to the tail of a horse, with the hair cut short so that it does not get caught in the reins while pulling a sleigh.

Why is it called a bobtail?

Pierpont refers to a “Bobtail” as the horsetail cut down to avoid entangling the tail in the horse-drawn sleigh. The term is also said to originate from the breed of cats that have short tails. A semi-truck without a trailer looks somewhat similar to these short-tailed cats.

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