What is a blue tortie Ragdoll?

What is a blue tortie Ragdoll?

The Blue-Cream Tortie Point’s body is bluish white to platinum grey, cold in tone, with shading to lighter color on stomach and chest. The body color may be mottled in older cats. The points are deep blue-grey variably mottled with cream.

Are blue mitted Ragdolls rare?

Due to this background pattern, a blue mitted Ragdoll is also sometimes called a blue point mitted Ragdoll. However, since a solid blue mitted Ragdoll without a colorpoint background would be vanishingly rare and not accepted by the breed standard, including ‘point’ in the description is largely unnecessary.

Can Ragdoll cats be tortoiseshell?

Tortie Ragdolls are calico in color. So if you are searching for a calico Ragdoll or calico ragdoll cat, it’s probably because you have seen either a tortie or torbie Ragdoll cat. The nomenclature is just different in the breed’s descriptions of colors and patterns, but in essence is the same thing.

What does a blue mitted Ragdoll cat look like?

A Blue mitted Ragdoll will present in the same way as the Blue Color point but their paws and chin have white ‘mitts’. They also have a white belly stripe that runs from their chin to their genitals. A Mitted Ragdoll can sometimes have a white spot on their face which make look like a star, blaze, or hourglass.

What is a blue tortie?

These cats aren’t any specific breed. Instead, the term blue tortoiseshell refers to the color and pattern of the cat. The tortoiseshell pattern is a mixture of two colors, based on red and black. The blue color happens when a cat’s genes have a mutation that dilutes the tones of their fur.

What does mitted mean in cats?

A Seal Mitted Ragdoll is one that has a very dark brown color on it’s points – ears, nose, legs, tail and on their body – they also have a white chin and white mitts. The seal color in a cat is one of a dark brown and then the mitted part means, quite literally, that they will have white mitts and usually a white chin.

Are Ragdolls worth the money?

While many people view Ragdoll cats as expensive, I can say without hesitation, this breed is worth the investment. Raggies are a breed of cats typically (but not always) an amiable and affectionate personality ….Different Ragdoll Patterns and Their Prices.

Ragdoll Kitten Pattern Approximate Cost
Tortie $1500+

What is a sepia Ragdoll?

A Sepia Ragdoll Cat is similar to the Mink but its color is double the darkness than that of the Mink Ragdoll. This darkness is because the Sepia Ragdoll carries a double Mink gene. A Sepia Ragdoll’s coat may also be plusher than that of the Mink Ragdoll. Another difference is the eye color.

What color Ragdolls are rare?

The rare colors of the Ragdoll are flames, lynx, and turtle. However, these colors are very important for breeding purposes and breeders are watching closely because they have a set of rare genes that make up these extraordinary colors. Ragdolls in these colors cost between $900 and $2500, depending on the breeder.

What is mitted?

Adjective. mitted (not comparable) Covered with or wearing a mitt. Use only your mitted hand to reach into the oven. (of a cat) Having fur on the feet that is a different colour from the rest of the coat.

What kind of body color does a blue cream point Ragdoll have?

Blue Cream Point Ragdoll Blue cream point Ragdoll cats present with bluish white to platinum grey bodies. The color is also cold in tone, and it shades to lighter variations on the stomach and chest areas. Please note that in older cats, the body color may appear to be mottled.

What is a tortie point Ragdoll?

Dedicated to Health, Type & Happiness The Tortie Point Ragdoll Because the gene responsible for red is carried on the female (X) chromosome, torties are always female in normal cats;

What kind of cat is a blue mitted Ragdoll?

Blue mitted Ragdoll cat Ash Ragdoll cats come in colors and patterns. So the “blue” (gray) is the color, whereas the pattern can be lynx, mitted, tortie, bicolor and more. You’ll notice that even though they are all blue, their pattern makes them look quite different.

What is a mitted Ragdoll?

A mitted Ragdoll is determined by two main distinctions the colour of their paws and the white stripe on their chins that extends to their stomach. A mitted Ragdoll is a characterization and can be mixed with any of the other colour patterns.

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