What is 3D knitting technology?

What is 3D knitting technology?

3D knitting takes a digital design and turns it into a piece of clothing. In its simplest form, you download a pattern from the internet and size it digitally to fit the person it is intended for. These 3D knitting machines are becoming an open technology, which promises to lead to further innovation.

What knitting technologies are the most productive methods in the knitting industry?

Circular knitting technologies are the most productive methods in the knitting industry. Recently, renowned machinery companies have been developing modern circular knitting machines with a high efficiency production rate and the ability to create special properties in the produced fabrics.

Why fully fashioning process is more engineered?

Fully Fashioned Knitwear: • Fully fashioning is a process of shaping a knitted structure by increasing or decreasing the number of needles or Wales where the individual pieces are more engineered so that each garment piece is made with no extra fabric and the pieces are basically knitted together at the seams.

What is 3D weaving?

3D weaving allows the production of fabrics up to 10 cm in thickness. Fibers placed in the thickness direction are called z-yarn, warp weaver, or binder yarn for 3D woven fabrics. More than one layer of fabric is woven at the same time, and z-yarn interlaces warp and woof yarns of different layers during the process.

What is 3D yarn?

DIOLEN®3D-FORMING is a two component yarn made of DIOLEN®Polyester and a low melting component. One of the yarn’s components can be solidified thermically in the further production process. After thermical fixation this composition causes stiffening and strengthening of the textile surface.

What is Uniqlo 3D?

Using specialist Wholegarment equipment designed in Japan, Uniqlo´s 3D knit sweaters and dresses are produced three-dimensionally as one entire piece. The intelligent machinery offers much more precise control than weaving traditionally, allowing for new ways to manipulate fabric.

What are engineered knits?

Engineered 3D knit covers for both seats and backs are sculpted to your product’s surface to eliminate the cut and sew process with a seamless, tailored knit upholstery solution to encase your contoured foam surface with one part and zero waste.

Which software is used in the knitting section?

Warp Knitting Pattern Editor. The Warp Knitting Pattern Editor is a professional CAD software for editing of the pattern for warp knitting machines.

Can you cut and sew knitwear?

You can either combine the different garment pieces by treating the knit almost like a fabric, where by you have a large square of knit that you lay the pattern pieces on and then cut out your pattern pieces and sew them together. This process is called ‘cut and sew’.

Are textiles 3D?

3D textiles, which have grown in importance since 1980, have 3D forms either in overall shape or in multilayer internal structure or both. They may be woven, braided, knitted, nonwoven, stitched, embroidered or in new special forms and may be used as flexible fabrics or rigid composites.

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