What information should be included in a reference citation for an Internet source?

What information should be included in a reference citation for an Internet source?

Answer. Generally, a citation will include: the name of the book, article, or other resource; the name of its author; information (if applicable) about the journal it came from; the date it was published; and when it was accessed if it was read online.

How do you cite NARA Records?

For NARA regional records services facilities, cite the repository as the “National Archives and Records Administration,” followed by an en dash, then the name of the region in which the repository is located, followed by the city (as illustrated above in rules 1 and 3).

How do you cite an archived website?

If they do or you want to be safe, follow normal MLA formatting for a web page, but add at the end the original URL (in < and >), the name of the archive (italicized), and the archive URL (in < and >): McDonald, R. C. “Basic Canary Care.” Robirda Online.

How do I cite the White House archives in APA?

APA citation style: (1996) White House . United States. [Web Archive] Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/lcwaN0027881/.

How do you cite an entire archive?

In the notes, first cite the specific archival record, followed by the date (day, month, year), identifier (box/folder/item number), name of collection, name and location of repository.

How do you cite an archived newspaper article in APA?

Last Name, First Initial. (Date, Year First). Title of article. Title of Newspaper, page numbers.

How do you cite CDC?

Government Report

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ( 2014).
  2. First citation: (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2014)
  3. Subsequent citations: (CDC, 2014)
  4. First citation: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], (2014)
  5. Subsequent citations: CDC (2014)

Which items are required parts of an APA reference citation?

All APA reference list entries contain four main components: author, date, title, and source.

How do you cite a government website in APA in-text?

According to the APA guidelines, one can simply add the URL of the website as an in-text citation, e.g.: The website USA gov (https://www.usa.gov/) claims to be an online guide to government information and services.

How do you cite Healthypeople in APA?

Use the title of the objective or page as the title of the work. Italicize Healthy People 2030 as the source. Then list U. S. Department of Health and Human Services as the parent agency. Include the URL for the webpage.

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