What happened to Ultra Magnus after Transformers Prime?

What happened to Ultra Magnus after Transformers Prime?

Following the destruction of Darkmount, Ultra Magnus retreated with the other Autobots to the military base, which would serve as the new base for the team.

Is Optimus Prime Ultra Magnus?

Ultra Magnus is a fictional character from the various Transformers storylines in the Transformers franchise, generally appearing as a chief lieutenant of Optimus Prime.

How much is Ultra Magnus worth?

Transformers G1 Ultra Magnus Price Guide

Type Average Price Qty Sold
Opened, Complete USD 137.48 75
No Package, Complete USD 64.75 256
Figure Only/Incomplete USD 7.83 172

Where is Ultra Magnus from?

Following the mysterious disappearance of Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus travelled to Earth from Cybertron to take over leadership of the Autobots. Under his leadership, the Autobots established Metroplex as a city to live in, and yet were still able to keep their existence a secret from humanity at large.

Who succeeded Optimus Prime?

After Optimus Prime’s first death in 1986, it was the young Hot Rod who was chosen to succeed the fallen leader; Hot Rod opened the Matrix of Leadership and became Rodimus Prime.

Who is stronger Optimus Prime vs Ultra Magnus?

Optimus can easily defeat Ultra Magnus. Take note that Ultra Magnus was one of Optimus Prime’s subordinates and though he’s very powerful as an Autobot, Optimus is just a more experienced Autobot in general. For one, Ultra Magnus does fight, but always tries to negotiate peace.

Who is Amalgamous Prime?

Amalgamous Prime is one of the Thirteen, the original Primes, who were created by Primus to battle and defeat his nemesis, Unicron. A gentle, good-natured prankster, Amalgamous Prime was the trickster of the Thirteen and the master of change; he could instantaneously assume just about any shape he could imagine.

Who is Magnus Prime?

Magnus Prime is the leader of the Autobot team, Gamma. Magnus used to be a space bridge repair man, called to duty by Optimus Major. Optimus found it fitting for him to be a leader. With help from EDC Sergeant Spike Witwicky, Magnus continues to lead his semi-misfit team of Autobots.

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