What happened at Swainsboro High School?

What happened at Swainsboro High School?

SWAINSBORO, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Gunshots were fired Friday night in the parking lot of the Swainsboro High School football stadium. Police Chief Randy Ellison says the shots were fired in a fight that broke out in the parking lot of the stadium. Witnesses say a car drove off and fired shots from the vehicle.

What was Swainsboro High School football score?

Details Date Score
Box Score Fri, 11/19/21 W 14 – 41
Box Score Fri, 11/26/21 W 9 – 12
Box Score Fri, 12/3/21 L 27 – 6

Did Swainsboro win last night?

We won!!!! Field goal wins it final Swainsboro 12 Northeast 9.

What happened at the Swainsboro football game?

Swainsboro football game Friday night. According to a Facebook post from the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office, a fight broke out in the Swainsboro stands and someone fired shots. The shooting was announced on the loudspeaker, and the crowd began to leave the stadium.

What division is Swainsboro High School?


Swainsboro High School
Athletics GHSA
Athletics conference 3B AA

What is the zip code for Swainsboro Georgia?

Swainsboro/Zip codes

Did Pierce County Bears win last night?

Pierce County’s stats have been entered for the 35-30 win vs. Peach County on 11/26/2021 7:30 PM.

What county is Swainsboro Georgia in?

Emanuel County

What is Waynesboro zip code?

Waynesboro/Zip codes

Who won the Pierce County football game?

Did Crisp County Cougars win?

Home of the Cougars win 21-0!

Is Swainsboro GA a good place to live?

It possesses overall a safe, family-oriented place to call home. There are fantastic educational schools along with well managed local businesses to suit your every need.

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