What games are like high heels?

What games are like high heels?

Similar Games to Play

  • High Heels 2 High Heels 2.
  • Muscle Rush.
  • Hair Dash Challenge Hair Dash Challenge.
  • Rail Slide.
  • Tower Run.
  • Spiral Roll.
  • Muscle Heroes.
  • Winter Roll.

What is the name of the high heels game?

The taller your heels are, the easier it will be to escape from the walls. A different obstacle awaits you at each parkour! There are rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide, walls to jump, a stick to balance and a huge podium waiting for you at the end of the road.

Who made high heels game?

Developed by Rollic, a subsidiary of Zynga, “High Heels!” has been downloaded more than 60 million times around the world. In the game, players maneuver an increasingly challenging catwalk in high heels, which stack higher as they complete levels.

Is high heels on Android?

Download High Heels 3.1. 5 for Android free | Uptodown.com.

What are all the characters in high heels?


  • Ada Wong. Ada Wong is the mysterious long-legged femme-fatale of the Resident Evil franchise.
  • Anna Williams. Anna Williams is a female femme fatale character in the popular 3D fighting game series Tekken.
  • April May.
  • Ash.
  • Ayumi.
  • B.
  • Bayonetta.
  • Becky Ames.

How many downloads does high heels have?

100 million downloads
High Heels, the fashion-based hypercasual game, developed by Rollic and published by Zynga, in which players must negotiate an obstacle-filled catwalk in a pair of ever-higher heels, has achieved over 100 million downloads in only 11 months.

How do you play high hills game?

Don’t forget! You need to pick as many as high heels on the road so you can walk on a podium! There are a variety of different obstacles to stomp over, but my favorite of which is the split; to make it past, your heels need to be long enough to hold you up as you straddle a gap.

How do you beat Princess otohime?

Synchronised Swimming It takes place in an underwater kingdom, and players need to hit the matching beats. This should be in line with the timing and rapid music to succeed in the minigame. However, do not press the keys on the wrong count to assure victory for Princess Otohime.

What is a high hill called?

Mountaintops have several names: peaks, pinnacles, crests or summits.

Where can I find fukuro Google Doodle?

Fukuro only returns to the Climbing Dojo once someone else reaches to the top of the mountain. He is too large to enter the Dojo. When Lucky becomes the champion, Fukuro can be seen on top of the Dojo.

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