What fish can live with a black ghost knife?

What fish can live with a black ghost knife?

The perfect community can be created using peaceful Catfish, Angelfish, large peaceful Cichlids, Discus and Corydoras. Corydoras are great companions because they will also help keep the aquarium clean.

How big of a tank does a Black Ghost Knifefish need?

100 gallons
Keeping Black Ghost Knifefish It is suggested that the minimum tank size should be 100 gallons. Also, sand and fine gravel should be used to make a suitable environment for the fishes.

Do Black Ghost Knifefish eat other fish?

Black Ghost Knife Fish are carnivorous and eat in- sects, small crustaceans and fish in the wild. For this reason, they enjoy a mixture of live foods such as Daphnia, Brine Shrimp, meaty frozen foods, worms and feeder fish.

Can black ghost live with Arowana?

If you enjoy the sinuous form of your surface-dwelling Arowana the Black Ghost Knifefish is a bottom dweller that shares its snake-like appearance. Black Ghost Knifefish prefer small fish and meaty items like earthworms and bloodworms as food.

Can Ghost knives ich?

Diseases. Black Ghost Knifefish are extremely hardy and are not generally prone to diseases in a well-maintained aquarium with the correct water parameters and habitat setup. However, these fish don’t have scales, and that can make the Knifefish susceptible to some diseases, in particular, Ich or White Spot disease.

Can I mix African and South American cichlids?

The answer to whether you can keep South American Cichlids with African Cichlids is an outright No! These two are the most aggressive Cichlids around and they are known to fight for territorial control. Smaller fish that evolved from the same region are less aggressive, hence they can live safely together in a tank.

What fish can live with South American cichlids?

7 Best South American Cichlid Tank Mates

  • Silver dollar fish.
  • Clown loach.
  • Corydoras Catfish.
  • Leopard bush fish.
  • Otocinclus.
  • Dwarf gourami.
  • Pearl gourami.

Can I put arowana with cichlids?

I wouldn’t do it. The Arowana shouldn’t even be going into a 90gal tank unless you have a much larger tank to put it in shortly. The African’s will not take too kindly to the Arowana and will likely nip the fins like crazy thus provoking an aggressive response from the Arowana.

What fish can live with a black ghost knife fish?

The perfect tank mates for the Black Ghost Knife fish include the South America Cichlids, Mono Sebae, peaceful Catfish species, Corydoras, and Discus. The Corydoras are an excellent tank mate as they will, in addition to being great companions to your Black Ghost Knifefish, help keep the tank clean. Do Black Ghost Knife Fish Grow Fast?

How big of a tank does a black ghost knifefish need?

Black Ghost Knifefish Care Guide: All You Need To Know Category Rating Family: Apteronotidae Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons Tank Set-Up: Tropical-Freshwater Compatibility: Medium size peaceful fish

How much does a ghost knifefish cost?

The common name of this fish, the Ghost Knifefish comes from these stories. These fish are mainly nocturnal animals and they use electrolocation to navigate dark waters. This fish has quite a long lifespan and if cared for properly they will be your companion for 15 years. It is readily available online or in pet shops for around $7.

What is the habitat of a black ghost knifefish?

The substrate beneath them would be soft sand that would not scratch, which is important since they are scaleless. These tropical freshwater habitats are home to a wide variety of insects, which provide plenty of insect larvae for Black Ghost Knifefish to eat.

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