What female names were popular in the 1800s?

What female names were popular in the 1800s?


  • Mary.
  • Anna.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Emma.
  • Clara.
  • Margaret.
  • Minnie.
  • Bertha.

What were common names in the early 1800s?

Top names of the 1880s

Males Females
Rank Name Name
1 John Mary
2 William Anna
3 James Emma

What were popular girl names in the 1840s?

Popular English baby names by decade – 1840s – 1990s

Boys Girls
1 John – 138 Mary – 97
2 William – 117 Margaret – 60
3 Thomas – 96 Elizabeth – 58

What are some girl Victorian names?

Popular Victorian baby girl names include:

  • Alexandra.
  • Amelia.
  • Anne.
  • Catherine.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Emily.
  • Emma.
  • Louise.

What was the most popular girls name in 1800?

The Most Popular Baby Names of the 1800s

  • Minnie.
  • Florence.
  • Helen.
  • Emma.
  • Elizabeth.
  • Margaret.
  • Anna.
  • Mary.

What names were popular in the 1830s?

Baby Names: Girls (1830s) Quiz Stats

Number of occurances Name % Correct
1828 Elizabeth 94.2%
590 Ann 93.2%
591 Catherine 89.6%
694 Margaret 88.1%

What is an old lady name?

Ada, Agnes, Alice, Amelia, Audra, Audrey, Ava, Beatrice, Bessie, Blanche, Cicely, Cora, Cordelia, Dinah, Dora, Dorothea, Dorothy, Harriet, Edith, Elise, Elsie, Elspeth, Emily, Emmeline, Esme, Eva, Evelyn, Evie, Flora, Florence, Greta, Gretchen, Harriet, Hattie, Irene, Iris, Ivy, Lena, Lilith, Lillian, Mabel, Maisie.

Is Ophelia a girl name?

Origin: Borrowed from an ancient Greek word, the name was first seen (spelled as “Ofelia”) in the 1504 poem “Arcadia” by Jacopo Sannazaro. It appeared in Shakespeare’s play almost a century later, spelled in the way that is now most common. Gender: Ophelia is traditionally a feminine name.

What were the most popular baby names in the 1840s?

Popular English baby names by decade – 1840s – 1990s 1840s 5 Robert – 48 Jane – 45 The 1840s first saw the Rimmers’ use of 1850s Boys Girls Total registered births – 1,226 1 John – 118 Mary – 88 The 1850s first saw the Rimmers’ use of

What were common names in the 1800s?

Names in common use for boys from 1800 to 1850 include several choices now found more often for girls. These include Addison, Elisha, Ellis, Emery, Loren, Madison and Marion. Among the old-school Lavinias and Hezekiahs are several names that feel more like modern inventions.

Are there any baby names from the 19th century?

But now a researcher named Douglas Galbi has compiled lists of baby names drawn from census records of the early 19th century. Nameberry combed through Galbi’s data on baby names from 1800 to 1850 in search of trends, patterns, and vintage baby names that go way beyond the expected John, Mary, Elizabeth and James.

What are some popular religious names in the 19th century?

Religious names, particularly from the Bible, were prominent in the early 19th century. Girls’ names most frequently found are Mary, used more than twice as often as the number two name, Elizabeth (until 1840, when it became Sarah ). Other popular Biblical names for girls were Martha, Ann, Hannah, Rebecca, Rachel and Lydia.

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