What ethnicity is epenesa?

What ethnicity is epenesa?

Epenesa, who is of Samoan ethnicity, was named to the preseason Polynesian College Player of the Year Watch List in 2018 and 2019. He was one of five finalists for the award in 2018.

What college did AJ epenesa go to?

Edwardsville High School
A.J. Epenesa/Education

What is AJ epenesa contract?

Epenesa, 23, is a former second-round pick of the Bills back in 2020. He’s in the second year of his four-year, $5,877,299 rookie contract that includes a $1,834,399 signing bonus.

What happened AJ epenesa?

Bills’ A.J. Epenesa: Foot injury surfaces Epenesa practiced on a limited basis Thursday due to a foot injury. The defensive lineman, whose play has been turning heads in his second season, was able to practice fully Wednesday, so he must have picked up the injury in practice this week.

What is AJ epenesa salary?


Player (49) Pos. Avg. Salary
EpenesaA.J. Epenesa DE $1,469,325
Basham Jr.Carlos Basham Jr. DE $1,406,236
Matt Haack P $1,825,000
BrownSpencer Brown T $1,208,674

What team does epenesa play for?

Buffalo Bills#57 / Defensive end
A.J. Epenesa/Current teams

What is A.J. Epenesa salary?

What is Sean Mcdermott salary?

Sean McDermott NBA Salary

Season Team Salary
2020/21 Memphis Grizzlies $449,115 ($473,328*)
Total $449,115 ($473,328*)

Who is the highest paid Buffalo Bill?

The moment Buffalo Bills fans everywhere have been waiting for came at exactly 1 p.m. Friday. That’s when the team announced star quarterback Josh Allen had signed a massive, six-year contract extension that makes him the highest-paid professional athlete in Buffalo sports history.

What is AJ epenesa number for Buffalo Bills?

57Buffalo Bills / Defensive end
A.J. Epenesa/Number

What number is Micah Hyde?

23Buffalo Bills / Safety
Micah Hyde/Number

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