What does Yazaki company do?

What does Yazaki company do?

Yazaki Corporation is an independent automotive component maker established in 1941. As well as automotive wire harnesses, our core product for which we command large share in the global market, we develop and manufacture meters, electronic components and a host of other products for automotive use.

Who owns Yazaki?

Sadami Yazaki

Yazaki Corporation’s headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Founder Sadami Yazaki
Headquarters Tokyo , Japan
Area served Worldwide
Key people Yasuhiko Yazaki (Chairman) Shinji Yazaki (President)

What kind of company is Yazaki?

Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated is the largest wiring harness manufacturer in the Philippines, and likewise the Top Exporter of Automotive Parts. Established in 1974, Yazaki-Torres is a joint venture of the Yazaki group of Japan and the Torres family of the Philippines.

How many employees does Yazaki North America have?

With nearly 250,000 employees in 45 countries, Yazaki is one of the world’s largest privately-owned automotive suppliers and our products are used by virtually every major automotive supplier in the world.

How much is Yazaki worth?

Among those “too poor” to make the list is Japan’s Yazaki family, worth an estimated $3.1 billion. Their auto parts supplier Yazaki Corp. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wire harnesses and also a producer of other auto components.

Where are YAZAKI Europe’s offices located?

The consolidation of Yazaki Europe‘s two offices in Cologne, Germany, has been completed: All Cologne employees will now be located at the same site. As of August 16, the new address for Cologne is:

Who is the CEO of YAZAKI?

In 2012 Hans became Head of Yazaki Russia as well as Plant Manager for our Manufacturing in Gorodets. Since 2015 Hans has led multiple Business Units and was appointed as Executive Vice President of Sales in 2018.

What is the Yazaki annual?

Announced every year since 2011, it is now in its 10th year. Yazaki is especially proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer of wiring harnesses and a reliable partner for its customers. Yazaki stands for competence, innovation, continuity and quality.

What awards has Yazaki won in 2019?

Yazaki has received the Lithuanian Ergonomist 2018 Award for its innovative approach to business from the Lithuanian Ergonomics Association (LEA) during the National Innovative Ergonomic Approach for Business Awards held in Klaipėda, Lithuania on April 26, 2019. 07/11/2019 Yazaki Honored with Groupe PSA’s Competitiveness Award

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